Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Hospitals Failing Civilians With PTSD

As they ignored the Veterans', especially combat theater veterans, the country, frankly the world communities, ignored and thus misdiagnosed the civilian populations who within those living through traumatic life experiences developed Post Traumatic Stress which affects not only their lives but the lives of those around them! With Vietnam and the recognition there were some who made very comfortable livings as so called 'experts' denying PTS even existed, why because it's easy to ignore so no need to pay for treatment and takes nothing away from the flag waving patriotism meme's!

Why Hospitals Are Failing Civilians Who Get PTSD
More than 20 percent of civilians with traumatic injuries may develop PTSD. Trauma surgeons explain why many hospitals aren’t doing anything about it.

March 4, 2014 - Undiagnosed post-traumatic stress disorder is having a major impact on injured civilians, particularly those with violent injuries, as we detailed last month. One national study of patients with traumatic injuries found that more than 20 percent of them developed PTSD.

But many hospitals still have no systematic approach to identifying patients with PTSD or helping them get treatment.

We surveyed 21 top-level trauma centers in cities with high rates of violence. The results show that trauma surgeons across the country see PTSD as a serious problem. But only one trauma center, at the Interim LSU Public Hospital in New Orleans, actually screens all acutely injured patients for PTSD. (See the full survey.)

Why don’t hospitals do more to identify PTSD? Here is what surgeons and other trauma experts told us.

It’s too expensive

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