Friday, April 11, 2014

So Corporate 1%ers Can't Afford Paying Employee Health Care Insurance

And especially those in the public food service industry, very public as to fast foods.

Remember this: Papa John's CEO Says 'Obamacare' Will Up Pizza Price. The threats to the public and the low wage workers employed, cutting full time to part time and more. Workers coming to work even when they don't feel good, how about sick days to go along with Health Insurance, placing the public served in possible harms way from contracting an illness thus needing Health Care facilities themselves.

Well this is what can happen:

Manager at Charlotte pizza restaurant tests positive for Hepatitis
Apr 11, 2014 - Health officials in Mecklenburg and Cabarrus counties are holding special vaccination clinics Friday afternoon because of a potential health risk in a Charlotte-area restaurant.

A worker at the Papa John's Pizza at 8016-B Cambridge Commons Drive has been diagnosed with Hepatitis A.

During a press conference on Thursday evening, officials said the employee was a manager at the Papa John's restaurant who contracted Hepatitis A while traveling out of the country.

Doctor Marcus Plescia, Mecklenburg County's Health Director, said the worker returned to Charlotte, became ill and was hospitalized. Health officials say the employee last worked on April 7th, and was diagnosed with Hepatitis A on either April 7th or 8th.

County health officials say they were notified Thursday morning, and started working with State public health officials.

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Mecklenburg health officials say they're concerned because "it's a pizza place so even more people are getting food there than your average restaurant."

Jeremy Bell is angry. He said he and his family had a pizza night with food from that Papa John's.

"And now I gotta to go to the doctor and take my family to the doctor" said Bell. "And no telling how many other people."

County officials say they don't know exactly how many customers could have been exposed. It's estimated about 2400 orders were handled at that Papa John's during the time the infected worker was there. read more>>>

So, who pays now for the Health workers and clinics being set up and for the special vaccinations to possibly hundreds of customers and their families, with any other attached direct costs, and how about others any customers came in contact with, like the kids in the schools, Poppa Johns?

Doubt they'll get any bill for all of this that now will take place.

How about any of the customers, others, that might already have been sick and sought out emergency care if they didn't have Health Care insurance. Or if they did have insurance they had to take time off, as they should have so as not to infect others, after visiting their doctors, do they have paid sick days.

Conservatives love using the word 'offsets' as to needed Government spending, which wasn't in their vocabulary when they controlled the whole Federal Government, also not in any State Government, when they want spending for the issues they push into law, all of which have monatary costs to implement. Like especially after quickly abandoning the missions and troops after 9/11 to further rubber stamp war costs with no-bid private contracts, even quickly building an open contract private merc army, and keep all those costs off the public debt books till executive administrations changed hands.

Where are the Corporate 'offsets' for needed business costs? What was it, something like charging the public 0.14 more a pizza, as to Poppa Johns, to afford giving their low paid, already, Health Insurance they can't afford themselves.

Not a word, and not only Poppa Johns, as to 'offsetting' top Executives, often multi millions, Compensation and tax writeoff perks or the Corporate perks and writeoffs the businesses they run get, it wouldn't take much of that to afford the Insurance nor frankly to give employee's, working hard and trying to maintain that high standard of customer service, for the successful business models and investor returns, regular raises and a few other perks as outstanding employee's, Respect. You can bet, that's what businesses do, there are a couple of cents added into that fourteen cents that are heading to the bottomline profits and not to actual costs of, in this case, employee health coverage.

This isn't just about Poppa Johns, but Papa John's CEO John Schnatter did make a huge amount of noise as to the Affordable Care Act. This is about many of the businesses and public gatherings in our economy and lives and what happens and who pays, in many ways.

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