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The Government He Hates Saved His Sorry Extremist Life

McClatchy delves further into who the Kansas city shooter at two Jewish Community Facilities really is.

Kansas shooting suspect had been in witness protection, records suggest

A cut from this after the following.

This comes along with two reports by Maddow on her show last night, 15 April 2014.

04/15/14 - Right-wing radicals linked to lethal violence
On the anniversary of the Boston Marathon Bombings, Rachel Maddow discusses how right-wing extremists have carried out more domestic terror attacks than jihadists since September 11th.

April 15, 2014 - The federal government appears to have shielded murder suspect F. Glenn Miller Jr. in the early 1990s as part of its witness protection program, potentially providing money for his family - and causing lingering confusion over his name.

Federal authorities on Tuesday would not confirm his participation in the program, as is their policy.

But records strongly suggest he has spent at least some time under the government's protective umbrella.

In 1987, Miller reached a plea bargain with federal prosecutors on weapons charges. In exchange for a reduced sentence, he agreed to testify against associates in paramilitary and white supremacist movements.

But Miller's plea bargain likely included federal witness protection services as well. The 1987 sentencing memorandum recommended witness protection for Miller, according to Chris Shields, a domestic terrorism researcher.

Miller's 1999 autobiography, "A White Man Speaks Out," provides his account. read more>>>

The government, along with jews and many others, he hates saved his sorry butt and supported him and his family, after he turned states evidence against others in the white supremest neo-nazi hate groups. Where he could lay very low in fear of them taking his life in the years directly after.

Comes back when little was being done in the bush administration and congresses and certainly, the rise in being recognized by those following these issues, claiming that patriotism with the bush policies, done in our names, to rise and end up killing not Jews but Christians on Jewish Community property! Apparently seeking the creds he once held within these groups, hero worship by them now as his life is coming to an end!

04/15/14 - Right-wing extremist attacks on the rise
Rachel Maddow talks to Michael Leiter, former director of the National Counterterrorism Center, about how jihadist violence dominates the media in a way that home-grown, right-wing terror does not.

U.S. right wing extremists more deadly than jihadists
April 15, 2014 - Now let's do the thought experiment in which instead of shouting "Heil Hitler" after he was arrested, the suspect had shouted "Allahu Akbar." Only two days before the first anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombings, this simple switch of words would surely have greatly increased the extent and type of coverage the incident received. read more>>>

Along with this report as well:

Attempting Mass Stolen Valor: Self Described Militia(?) Commander
Certainly not any reflection on those of us who've served or those serving, but there are many Veterans', especially, and probably some active, who sympathize with the so called political messages of these individuals and groups.

Militia commander with Fort Bragg ties admits to ID theft
April 15, 2014 - A self-described militia commander from Minnesota who was charged with stealing identification information from members of his former Army unit at Fort Bragg in North Carolina has pleaded guilty to identity theft.

Prosecutors say Keith Michael Novak, of Maplewood, planned to use the stolen information to make fake IDs for members of his militia, the 44th Spatha Libertas. He entered his guilty plea Monday on the single count in federal court in Minneapolis as part of a plea agreement, according to court papers. Judge Patrick Schiltz ordered that he remain in custody. A sentencing date has not been set.

Novak was an active duty soldier and intelligence analyst with the 82nd Airborne Division at Fort Bragg from 2009 to 2012 and served in Iraq in 2010, according to court documents. He later joined the Minnesota National Guard and served as a human intelligence analyst. read more>>>

He was going to use the serving or had served as cover for any who joined his extremism, another scumbag like this Miller, to throw off investigations as to the deadly acts they planned and carried out!


These aren't 'militia's', they're no different then the armed gangs found in cities and towns all over. Untrained armed extremists with unlawful agenda's. Many, and members within, are doing exactly the same as any gang. Drug use and trafficking, gun trafficking, unlawful acts to enrich or maintain their extremist ways, reigning terror on any and all in the communities they exist by their actions and speak, even with their own gang colors and patches along with tattoo's today, terror cells called domestic, all hiding behind the flag in attempts to justify and adding their own flags they worship.

Dregs in and on a Civil Society!!

And the continued use of what they want to be called, Militia's, in the press and by everyone else, same as their use of Christianity always has, gives them the credibility they seek. In a society that once finally had almost completely recognized what they really were and pushed them into the darkness, making it extremely harder to recruit to their ranks. The extremely intolerant using the patriotism and christian meme's as the cover in attacking the tolerant and law abiding in a civil society!

They, and most everyone else, like them Patriotic Words and Symbols, Christian too, while demanding they don't Sacrifice as to the wars they send the very few into and further that by ignoring and not paying for the issues of those who've served and their responsibility the Veterans Administration. Deficits mean Debt with Interest payments, and much of the under funded budget for the VA is still borrowed not paid by those who've been served!

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