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Conservative Politics on Both Sides of the Pond

Doubt many Dems will care as I haven't seen any following what's been going on in relation to and especially as the calls for the release grow. The Iraqi people are also seeking the accountability, so are the long ago quickly abandoned Afghanistan people as to the missions after 9/11, politics be damned!

But do know that conservatives, especially in congress and a part of, here do not want to see this with an election coming, or maybe the rovian revisionism has taken full hold.

There has been a growing , political, rage coming out of Britain these past couple of months that will refresh memories here, maybe. Where the Country quickly ran from any and all Accountability leaving everything done on the table and are shocked that much of that continues.

The media outlets in Britain have been slowly building the reports on the rage these past couple of months as they face elections also and that rage is coming from the Tory side of their politics.

This is the lastest I ran across this morning:

Iraq inquiry delay very serious, says senior Tory
15 May 2014 - Delays to the publication of the official inquiry into the Iraq war have become "very serious", the head of an influential Commons committee has said.

Conservative MP Bernard Jenkin said the report was "at least four years overdue" and an explanation was needed.

Mr Jenkin, who chairs the Public Administration Committee, urged ministers to "sort this out".

The government said it had been in talks with the inquiry and that the process would end as soon as possible.

Sir John Chilcot's inquiry into the war started in 2009 but two years later it was still taking evidence from key witnesses.

There is increasing frustration that Sir John still has not published his report.

'Hold-up'

Chilcot inquiry: MPs demand explanation for four year delay of report on Iraq war
Bernard Jenkin, chair of the Public Administration Committee, says it is "very serious" that the Chilcot report is now four years overdue

16 May 2014 - Delays in publishing the official report into the Iraq War have been described as "very serious" by the head of a powerful Commons committee.

Sir John Chilcot's report is now four years overdue, said Bernard Jenkin, chairman of the House of Commons Public Administration Committee.

The Chilcot inquiry completed public hearings in 2011, but publication of its report has been held back by negotiations over the publication of private communications between Tony Blair, prime minister at the time of the 2003 conflict, and then US president George Bush.

Mr Jenkin has now written to the Cabinet Office demanding an explanation.

He said he is prepared to summon ministers and Sir Jeremy Heywood, the Cabinet Secretary, for questioning. read more>>>

* * * The British Iraq War Inquiry * * *

For a number of months there were only a few reports about the Inquiry final release and those were about a fight going on of whether to release the private correspondence about Iraq between Blair and the Bush. That supposedly was resolved, but I bet they would be heavily redacted, apparently it's still holding up the release of the Chilcot Report.

Here's a few of the recent months reports about the delaying:

Delays to Iraq Inquiry 'threaten justice'

Mum's fears over Iraq war inquiry delay

Blair's war, a reek of whitewash and why Britain's corroded trust in politicians might never recover:

Tony Blair besieged as Cameron says: End the excuses and print Iraq War report

MPs to grill top civil servant on why he blocked long-awaited Iraq War report

Blair-Bush letters ARE delaying Iraq report, says Chilcot: Head of inquiry admits records of conversations is an issue

Have had a growing curiosity as to whether, when finally released, the media here will be reporting much about, especially the early days of the public testimony given about what was going on here and the leaders of the war drum beating as well as whether Issa, or an Issa type, will demand Congressional Hearings on what's in the final released public report, doubt it!!

And speaking of Iraq a sad news report, hadn't heard or seen a thing from the media here, is being reported over there.

Rescue/POW storyline greatly enhanced by the bushco 'patriotic' war propaganda machine, as others were, only to be totally debunked by Pvt. Jessica Lynch!

Jessica Lynch Rescuer Dies After Afghan Shooting
16 May 2014 - An Army Ranger who helped rescue Jessica Lynch, the soldier who was kidnapped in Iraq in 2003, has died.

Command Sergeant Major Martin R Barreras, 49, died in Texas after being shot in Afghanistan, the Defence Department said in a statement.

He was shot on May 6 in Herat Province when enemy forces attacked his unit with small arms fire, it added.

He died a week later from his wounds.

Fox News reported that Sgt Maj Barreras was the leader of the team that rescued Private Lynch from an Iraqi hospital.

Pte Lynch was captured after her convoy was ambushed and she was hurt in a crash. read more>>>

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