Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Modern Conservative Ideology is Not Supporting on Veterans' Issues

“Why in 2009 were we still using paper?” VA Assistant Secretary Tommy Sowers “When we came in, there was no plan to change that; we’ve been operating on a six month wait for over a decade.” 27 March 2013

It was extremely spotty in previous decades and wars from, since Korea, but for a few lawmakers hired. As they led the ignoring of the so many issues now being addressed by this under funded Veterans' Administration.

Sen. Burr, as minority leader on the Senate Veterans' Affairs Committee, when he decides to even attend the hearings of,Is Not A Friend Of Veterans', Never Has Been, but boy howdy does NC love them Defense Dollars which keep it's economy afloat as it attacks education, the unemployed {including unemployed veterans}, the poor and middle clases {including the veterans within}, the health care needs {including veterans and families needing medicaid}, residents and military and veterans needing food stamps, and much more many including the residents who are Veterans'! Nor are the rest of the Conservative's in the Senate. Nor is Rep. Miller, Chairman of the House Veterans' Affairs Committee, he leads as attack prosecutor, for photo ops TV appearances and political scandal creation, in their minds only, his fellow conservatives, who also aren't friends of Veterans and lead in ignoring the many issues especially as to our wars, especially when the testimonies are from VA civil servants, not there to do their jobs and help the Veterans Affairs agency.

Especially under Democratic elected Executive Administrations, while praising VA Secretaries, who do extremely little while serving as, under Republican Executive Administrations. Especially, in these recent times, quickly abandoned the missions and those sent after 9/11 and rubber stamped war costs for not one, after 9/11, but two invasions and long occupation theaters! Doing the bidding of those they represent and others, none demanding they Sacrifice as they demand the Military and the Families of do!

They are 'posers' of that 'patriotism' to country and constitution and especially in 'support the troops' and 'national security'!

As they continue seeking to privatize government for corporate profit off the peoples treasury and any fee's they then can legislate for those corporate entities. Not regulated! No oversite, making their jobs then even easier! No accountability for those corporate entities while laying all blame on any civil servants as they keep the agencies in the false sense of a government of and by the people, false representative democracy, but totally controlled by the Corporations and the few benefiting from! And bringing in the vast private sector problems, created as they seek bigger bottom line profit, rarely mentioned in congress and especially as conservatives attack government agencies and not the already private contractors, richly rewarded!

05/27/14 - GOP senator picks fight with American veterans groups

Rachel Maddow reports on the shaming of Republican Senator Richard Burr by U.S. veterans groups after the senator criticized them in an open letter ahead of Memorial Day weekend, and points out the GOP’s lack of engagement on matters of foreign policy.

Nor is the reactive, never proactive, American Legion, taking the lead in this round of attacks on the VA dedicated personal with those inside helping them, who's always conservative leaders reap their own rewards while Not Demanding Those Served Owe Sacrifice. While continuing to seek the ouster of Gen Shinseki because he, along with this whole executive administrations cabinet, is doing what conservative executive administrations, and in congress, leaderships in the VA, ignored doing for decades and obstructed in all democratic administrations!!

Conservatives outraged over treatment of veterans filibustered better health care for vets in February 2014 - Read more about the bill

Conservatives Pro-Business right-wing Think Tank American Enterprise Institutes own Sally Satel, Still Selling Care for PTSD Veterans is Waste of Money! Nemesis of us Vietnam Veterans who fought for recognition of! She, and some others, have made very lucrative livings writing and speaking in denial of, giving reason to country and politicians serving them to ignore, and thus have the blood of hundreds of thousands of not only military, military veterans but civilians who suffer the ravages from extreme trauma's, on just one long of many ignored issues by those served issue so they need not pay for care!

Conservatives Continue Attacks on Individual Military Veterans', while waving 'their' flags of 'patriotism(?)': 'Fox's Allen West Attacks Decorated Vet Rep. Tammy Duckworth', they're cult followers ignore, Again!!

Fox News contributor Ben Carson Calls Veterans Affairs Scandal A 'Gift From God', yup, for them campaign contribution flyers, ignoring their total hypocrisy and no qualms to show very publicly on the floor of both congressional houses, into the congressional public record, as their supporters wave their flags and spit on us Veterans' from their free wars, we got us credit cards, especially!

Sen. Bernie Sanders told the Conservatives: “If you can’t afford to take care of your veterans, than don’t go war. These people are bearing the brunt of what war is about, We have a moral obligation to support them.” February, 26th, 2014

Privatization in government is a huge part of the problems, in just recent past the NSA the National Security backround checking, think the Navy Shipyard shootings, the Health Care technologies of the ACA and on and on and..........,not only with the private contractors within VA but all agencies, especially our wars as well!

Where were those American (conservative) Legion and Conservatives (long seeking to privatize for corporate profit) calls to fire Principi, 2001–2005, Nicholson, 2005–2007, James Peake, 2007– change of Executive Administrations, who did absolutely nothing as two more wars/occupations raged, oh wait they were being highly praised (even by rolling, conservative leaders of, thunder) because they were theirs!! The problems weren't even being reported and insider VA whistle blowers were no where to be found, there were many reports of lost records in lost or stolen computers though!!

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