Friday, May 16, 2014

'Operation American Spring' Takes Down American Government

10 - 30 Million were expected after the calls to the 'patriots' went out, musta been using that famous rovian math:

30 Million Patriots on the Mall

Was waitin to see when the photo's of the throngs of 'patriots', that were gonna save us all, would finally hit the online as the heavily government controlled media hadn't been reporting on the take over of the whole government, why even da FOX were under it's control!

We All Now Saved By The Super Patriots!!!!

President Obama Launches International Effort To Locate 30 Million Patriots
Darrell Issa has demanded a Benghazi Patriot exploratory commission to investigate the link between Hillary Clinton, Al Qaeda and 30 million missing real Americans.

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Dave B. said...

They were all on Flight 370.