Monday, May 26, 2014

The War Within: Treating PTSD

Conservatives Pro-Business right-wing Think Tank American Enterprise Institutes own Sally Satel, Still Selling Care for PTSD Veterans is Waste of Money!

Nemisis of us Veitnam Veterans who fought for recognition of! She, and some others, have made very lucretive livings writing and speaking in denial of, giving reason to country and politicians serving them to ignore, and thus have the blood of hundreds of thousands of not only military, military veterans but civilians who suffer the ravages from extreme trauma's, on just one long of many ignored issues by those served issue so they need not pay for care!

60 Minutes gets a rare look inside new therapy sessions that are changing the lives of vets who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder
2014 May 25 - The following is a script of "The War Within" which originally aired on Nov. 24, 2013, and was rebroadcast on May 25, 2014 . Scott Pelley is the correspondent. Ashley Velie, producer.

This week, President Obama will get a report on the developing scandal at the Department of Veterans Affairs. Some VA hospitals are accused of cooking up phony records to conceal waiting times that can stretch into months.

This story is about one of the challenges that has strained the VA in recent years. It's the large number of vets suffering with post-traumatic stress disorder. Two million vets have served in Iraq and Afghanistan. And one out of five has PTSD. Overwhelmed by this need, the VA decided to try new treatments originally designed for rape victims. As we first reported last fall, this new PTSD therapy has been promising. For two months, doctors and patients allowed us to sit in and listen as troubled vets fought the war within. read more>>>

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