Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Women's Military Group Back Jani Bergdahl

Members of women's military group back Jani Bergdahl
June 16, 2014 - Female veterans and military family members spoke out in support of Bowe Bergdahl's mother Monday through the "Military Wives Makeovers."

Cathy Cardenas, director of the organization, said it was upsetting to see Jani Bergdahl come under fire as controversy surrounding her son continues to mount.

"We have been very troubled to see how Americans have treated this amazing woman, who as a mother has already suffered during the past five years in ways most of us could never imagine," she wrote in a Monday press release. read more>>>

To Cardenas, that doesn't matter.

"I hope America and the media can see the Bergdahls as parents and let go of the hate and anger that has been brought on by a lot of hearsay," she wrote. "If Americans continue spreading hate and buying into these rumors I feel they are really missing the opportunity to see who these parents are and what an amazing example of faith and strength they are to so many in this country."

Other women involved in the organization also offered their support.

"It is a sad day in our wonderful United States that we do not stand behind family members of military service members," wrote Cheryl Chamberlain, the wife of an Air Force member.

"Jani and Bob are an inspiration of never giving up and never losing faith," veteran Reina Vallejo wrote. "Jani is such a caring and compassionate person and you can feel it radiating off of her within a few minutes of being around her."

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