Saturday, July 05, 2014

Bill 'Moyers and Company': 2 July 2014

Full Show: Grass Roots Grow Against Greed
July 2, 2014 - This Fourth of July weekend, as we celebrate our independence and democracy, we pay tribute to the champions of grassroots action fighting against the moneyed interests trying to buy and control government.

One of their most articulate spokesmen is writer and commentator Jim Hightower who travels the country preaching the gospel of populism. A former congressional aide and two-term agriculture commissioner of his native Texas, he is the author of several books and edits a newsletter, The Hightower Lowdown.

Hightower tells Bill, “There is a growing rebellion and an increasing awareness among different groups fighting different battles that they are connected… People are beginning to get together and see their common interest.” read more w/transcript>>>

Much More Found At: Moyers & Company

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