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CIA Torture: 'unnecessary'?

Use of words to soft pedal a horrendous, useless inhumane, crime!! It was 'illegal' by both domestic and international laws we helped write long ago! Reason they came about is not only because of it being an 'inhumane' violation against humans rights but it was useless with nothing to justify any of the actions done but self serving satisfactions by those doing and those knowing it's being done, watching the video's of after or within earshot of! Those doing should then never be surprised nor enraged when done on their own, nor in condemnation of others who use! Actions bring similar reactions that then are compounded in the spread of, and especially if no accountability comes to those who order done, in All Our Names, and approve of!! Actions bring retaliation and very quick growth and spread of that in blowback causing much more of what started that brought the use of about!! Those who do can't call themselves 'civil societies', not even close, and especially condemn others for doing same!!

CIA Torture Was Unnecessary, Senate Report To Conclude
08/01/2014 - A U.S. Senate committee report will conclude that the CIA's use of harsh interrogation after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks yielded no critical intelligence on terrorist plots that could not have been obtained through non-coercive methods, U.S. officials familiar with the document said.

Foreshadowing the impending release of a report expected to suggest that the "enhanced" techniques were unnecessary and also to accuse some CIA officers of misleading Congress about the effectiveness of the program, President Barack Obama said on Friday that the CIA "tortured some folks." He had banned the practices soon after taking office in 2009.

Officials said the Senate Intelligence Committee was unlikely to release the report to the public without some additional review.

"A preliminary review of the report indicates there have been significant redactions. We need additional time to understand the basis for these redactions and determine their justification. Therefore the report will be held until further notice and released when that process is completed," Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein, the committee's chair, said. read more>>>

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All but those correspondence, bush/blair, and any still classified closed door testimony and reports!!

Iraq War Promoted Terrorism Rather Than Reducing It

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