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Highlighting Veteran Homelessness… “Wrong Side of Heaven”

Those 'served', the 99%, need to finally step up and actually 'Sacrifice', their representatives start actually doing their jobs and not constantly attack the personal because they haven't done those jobs {here's looking at You Rep Miller, seeking the media coverage of himself, and company}, decades and wars from Not! As they ignore or deny the costly issues! These present wars have yet to be paid for let alone, DeJa-Vu, the long term results from! And build the VA not only promised but their Responsibility to bring to those few that served them, the served Poser Patriots!!

Fact: “Why in 2009 were we still using paper?” VA Assistant Secretary Tommy Sowers “When we came in, there was no plan to change that; we’ve been operating on a six month wait for over a decade.” 27 March 2013

New Five Finger Death Punch music video highlights veteran homelessness…but is it accurate?
August 15 2014 - The band Five Finger Death Punch has had close ties to the U.S. military for years. Previous music videos have featured images of soldiers struggling through life in a combat zone, and they have performed overseas for the troops on numerous occasions.

Their latest project takes on a related social issue. Released this week, the video for the song “Wrong Side of Heaven” casts a spotlight on veteran homelessness. It already has been viewed online more than 1 million times.

The statistics flashed across the screen are stark, and draw attention to an important issue. But are they accurate? Checkpoint decided to investigate. Among the claims: read more>>>

Fact: "If military action is worth our troops’ blood, it should be worth our treasure, too" "not just in the abstract, but in the form of a specific ante by every American." -Andrew Rosenthal 10 Feb. 2013

Fact: To Those 99% Served, 'Build the Veterans Administration Promised!!'

Under Gen. Shinseki, with a target on him after speaking Military Truth and the bushco firing him with the political ideology/greed within the agency helping those in power targeting him, finally with help from this Executive Branch and it's Cabinet, like the Department of Labor - Veterans, The Department of Housing and Urban Development - Veterans and the Department of Justice - Veterans Courts and Related to name but only a few Veterans issues were finally addressing decades long ignored issues with some even denied they exist. Long Ignored by those served, other VA Secretaries and Executive Administrations, especially Conservative, and Especially Congresses who Represent the People Served, or are supposed to, and control the Nations purse strings. Across the VA and all issues of the us Veterans and especially from our Wars and long Occupations of others, not just Care Issues!
Already started but an agency can do only so much and at the pace the people served allow with what the agency is budgeted, still grossly under funded with two more long wars and the budget mostly borrowed with interest payments to cause problems thus feeding the conservative want to privatize for corporate profit off the peoples treasury, and country served willing to pay for:

"He would update the VA software program for scheduling called VISTA, a program first used in 1985.

Nabors also calls for the VA to hire more doctors and nurses, and build more physical space that will be needed for veterans in the future."

What the VA Needs is Those Served Actually Sacrifice, Not Poser Patriotism from Congress and those, 99%, People Served!!

Build the Veterans Administration Promised from the beginning with Real Patriotism not the decades of, cheap, empty rhetoric and Unfunded Congressional Legislation, putting their names too for that patriotic feel and praise, just like the unfunded flag waving patriotic wars with two tax cuts and no offsets mentioned, still unpaid for, used only to attack the VA personal for not rapidly addressing what was passed, Poser Patriotism!!

Fact: Sen. Bernie Sanders told Conservatives: “If you can’t afford to take care of your veterans, than don’t go war. These people are bearing the brunt of what war is about, We have a moral obligation to support them.” February, 26th, 2014
{Neither of these recent wars have yet been paid for, let alone the results from!!}

Fact:The Obama Administration, and it's Cabinet, they don't do the peoples purse strings, have been the 'Only Government Branch' consistently doing not only for Veterans but Military Personal and their Families since coming in!!

Fact: “We are dealing with veterans, not procedures—with their problems, not ours.” —General Omar Bradley, First Administrator of the Veterans Administration

Fact: Lets hope what Gen Shinseki, with the help of the entire Obama Admin and Cabinet, had finally started addressing continues. But it only can when those served, through their representatives, decide they actually owe in paying for these cheered on 'patriotic' wars and the long term results of is their responsibility to fully address!!

Are You Concerned About a Veteran? The Veterans Crisis Line Can Help>>>

For our sisters: National Women Veterans Hotline, call 1-855-VA-WOMEN (1-855-829-6636) New Hotline now up and running

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