Monday, August 18, 2014

Yuppers! That, poser patriotism, 'Support the Troops'

It really is a bitch, ain't it, when the rare piece of reality comes along and wipes out the phony meme's and in the case of the Military and Veterans the symbols used, especially when the reality is easy to ignore!

More Military Families Are Relying On Food Banks And Pantries

"If military action is worth our troops’ blood, it should be worth our treasure, too" "not just in the abstract, but in the form of a specific ante by every American." -Andrew Rosenthal 10 Feb. 2013

About 20 percent of all the households using Feeding America services include a member who is serving or has served in the military. Of those, 620,000 households have at least one member currently in the military, which is one quarter of all U.S. military households.
And carried into when those few who serve join our Veterans community especially us from our military actions or wars and long occupations, while them served never think they to should 'sacrifice'! Why it's to easy to just ignore or deny, much much cheaper, the issue's, especially as to those flag waving 'patriotic' wars and them follow the conservative long line of accusing the mostly dedicated personal, and volunteers, who strive to work for or help the Veterans especially those in the VA, it's all their fault and certainly not the, go shopping, 99%plus served! Why those served don't feel the need even to pay the multi billions in war costs, mostly to private corporate contractors, leading into the trillions!

“Why in 2009 were we still using paper?” VA Assistant Secretary Tommy Sowers “When we came in, there was no plan to change that; we’ve been operating on a six month wait for over a decade.” 27 March 2013

August 18, 2014 - Despite the economic recovery, more than 46 million Americans — or one in seven — used a food pantry last year. And a surprisingly high number of those seeking help were households with military members, according to a new survey by Feeding America, which is a network of U.S. food banks.

The — conducted in 2013 — found that almost 620,000 of the households using Feeding America services have at least one member currently in the military. That's one quarter of all U.S. military households.

Deborah Flateman, who's president and CEO of the Maryland Food Bank in Baltimore, says she isn't surprised. Last year, her food bank started working with groups like the USO to provide food aid to families affiliated with nearby military bases like Fort Meade.

She says, so far, they've used their mobile food pantry to distributed more than 200,000 pounds of food to military families.

"They're not unlike any of the other families that we serve," says Flateman. "They meet hardship and they need assistance with food."

And other food banks and pantries say they're seeing a similar increase. read more>>>

Sen. Bernie Sanders told Conservatives: “If you can’t afford to take care of your veterans, than don’t go war. These people are bearing the brunt of what war is about, We have a moral obligation to support them.” February, 26th, 2014
{Neither of these recent wars have yet been paid for, let alone the results from!!}

Highlighting Veteran Homelessness… “Wrong Side of Heaven”

Or this:

Veterans Administration: 'Facts' Are For Media To 'Report'

It is important that we openly and willingly discuss our mistakes and how we intend to improve. As we acknowledge areas where more work is needed, we also need to set the record straight when our work is unfairly mischaracterized.

But alas don't worry be happy, we got us an expensive private corporate merc army, that also has yet to be paid for, that's also charged with intelligence gathering!!

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