Sunday, September 14, 2014

The palin side of the story.....using us Veterans?!

I really, really don't want to give this clan added publicity, like I don't use FOX, others, links to give traffic to the crap they spread.

But thought I might this one time as I expected this to rise from this hillbilly clans 'patriotic' tuned grift, using us Veterans':

So this is how they'll, FOX, spin the incident: “Don’t you know who he is? He’s a vet!”

The Palin Family's Side of the Anchorage Brawl Story

For the grifter, very much in the public eye none of them should have got involved in anything like this and she should have seen to it they didn't. This explanation will only work if she paid all her expenses to this 'Mighty Oaks Warrior Foundation' event and also given them a hefty donation from all she's reaped opening her mouth whenever and getting paid for same, no matter what comes out!

He's the Vet, she's the 'BlueStar' family member of, never having served. If she got her travel, expenses and compensation for her appearance ,then she's just another 'war profiteer' and if all or a great majority of what this group raised at this is wasn't turned over to actually help the brothers and sisters, there are a few orgs. who aren't in it for their own benefit and slush fund raising, especially for conservative politics, like there are individuals who regularly volunteer at VA facilities, then they aren't any better. Even the well known National Vets orgs are more reactionary, 'It's All The VA's Fault', instead of proactive on Veterans issues. But they make a lot of noise thus raising much in donations!

Not so strange one never see's anything about her speaking at or getting involved in the groups of parents with 'special needs' children. Never hear her even talk about. Why during the campaign, while at less then half term gov., her youngest daughter was involved in more of the human and parental type bonding, especially a special needs, a child needs. Even when she did carry the baby it was more like 'see my special needs baby', 'now please someone take it so I can talk more about how super patriotic I, and conservatives, am and the rest, liberal, moderates and republicans not in her lockstep, aren't.

She, after elevating into the high income on her easy grifting cash, hasn't paid for these two recent wars let alone, as her son is a Vet and this says a counselor to combat PTS veterans now, hasn't paid for the long term results of, Nobody Has! DeJa-Vu all over again for decades and wars of. As to the Countries responsibility the Veterans Administration, decades long under funded with conservatives keeping it that way to eventually privatize for corporate profit so they can finally stop obstructing the much needed budgets, but still be able to attack the VA personal left to keep it a government agency, and build those budgets to grow that profit bottom line for the principles of and the investors in, themselves included!!

So momma grizzly I for one ain't buyin what you're sellin, or your friend is tryin to!!


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