Monday, September 29, 2014

Well 'chickenhawk' FOX "boobs on the ground", What Say You Now

Whatever it is tell ya what, go over there and say it, directly to these fighters, fellow sisters, as we now give air cover for our allies, of our own sisters and brothers! Not in the comfy confines of the FOX studio's surrounded by your, conservative 'chickenhawk', war hawks, retired military on the defense contractors payrolls and pols included!!

War in the land of women
September 29, 2014 - We journeyed into eastern Syria to see the front line in the fight against militants of the Islamic State of Syria and Iraq (ISIS) -- and the small, under-equipped army of Kurdish soldiers who are holding off the extremists.

What we didn't expect to find was a society that -- unusual in the Middle East -- appeared to be dominated by women.

A mile away from ISIS positions we met four young female soldiers. The oldest was 24, the youngest only 19. All of them were students before they joined up.

Middle Eastern communities tend to be more conservative than those in the West. Segregation is common, and many Muslim women cover their heads as an act of religious piety. read more>>>

The teenage girls taking aim at ISIS
U.S. strikes haven't turned militants around in Syria, so the fight is in the hands of a Kurdish commander and his unusual army read more>>>

As to your bud boehner and now saying he'll call back the House if the CiC Requests. They were in session, and probably haven't shut down that session so to block any actions by the Executive administration and Executive orders, and you all choose to cut and run as our Military is once again called into extreme dangerous duty in the volatile region you all lit the match and threw the fuel on. Quickly growing and spreading the extremist blowback after so quickly abandoning the missions and those sent to accomplish after 9/11, with cheering flag waving conservative and media support as the drums grew louder!

This Executive administration is doing almost exactly what, without congresses conservative help, the previous should have done after 9/11 and the almost full World Support behind out Country! Building a coalition of Nations thus using the resources they can bring, intelligence, military etc. etc. in helping to bring down an extremely dangerous and deadly criminal terrorist group bent on destruction of whoever gets in their ath!!

Unlike the bushco this Administration is Not Buying a 'coalition of the willing', especially those in the region, never to know what those costs added to the rubber stamped all on the credit card war costs were. Still not paid for either OEF and OIF theater of occupation nor the long term results of, including the CIA secret torture prisons!! The bush and conservative controlled congresses rubber stamping policies created the rapid growth and spread of these al Qaeda style criminal terror groups!

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