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Police Deadly Shootings - White Police Officers on Unarmed African Americans

Different legal process, comparing Ferguson to Charlotte

Charlotte NC has an upcoming trial, early next year, in a white police officers recent killing of a unarmed blackman, as same just had an auto accident and was seeking help.

The differences, Transparency and Accountability!!

Nov 25, 2014 - In the days, weeks and months after unarmed Jonathan Ferrell was shot by Officer Randall Kerrick, it became almost normal to see protestors. However, they haven't gathered since the day of indictment.


Dawkins says leadership in Charlotte served the community better in several ways.

Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Chief Rodney Monroe charged Kerrick with voluntary manslaughter the same day of the shooting. District Attorney Andrew Murray called on a special prosecutor with the Attorney General's Office to handle the case. Also, when the first grand jury failed to return an indictment, that prosecutor resubmitted the case and got an indictment the second time.

t took the second grand jury less than four hours to indict Officer Kerrick. In Ferguson, the prosecutor presented an unusually large amount of evidence over the course of 25 days which included 60 witnesses.


There's another similarity in the cases, which also illustrates a big difference in leadership. Both officers fired their weapons 12 times at the victim.

"The difference is, I knew officer Kerrick fired 12 shots from the police department the same day that it happened," said Dawkins. "That's a big difference. We're talking transparency and accountability," he said. read more>>>

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The Charlotte Prosecutor wasn't looking for revenge or blood in seeking an indictment, nor were the Community and Public Servants of the Police Department, they were looking for Justice, as to the Laws in a Civil Society that cover All within that Society!

A Law Enforcement Officer had fired 12 shots, same as in Ferguson, from his police revolver at and into an innocent man, nothing in his hands as he approached after knocking on a local homes door after having an auto accident. The Police Department was quick with initial information going public, same from the prosecutors office, and open as well as suspending the officer involved. The public peacefully protested the shooting with no violence because of the Open Accountability.

In the Fergusan shooting the total opposite right from the moment the deadly incident took place right up to the, in the dark, release of the Grand Juries ' no bill' on that police officer. The in your face military style actions as to the initial peaceful protests, the extremely slow reports leaking out over months, the public comments on the no charges after by the officer, and the FOX speak racist comments throughout by authorities, public figures, media outlets and more and still continuing.

St. Louis County Cop car burns, ammo inside explodes

Wonder if this was most or all of the, reported by an officer on site, 'some 150 gunshots heard' and reported by him for the dramatic effect not mentioning the patrol car burning set them off!!!!!!!

After Darren Wilson was not indicted for the death of Michael Brown, protesters were on the streets protesting the decision and it got violent.


As it burned, ammunition inside the car exploded, firing rounds into the air. read more>>>

Charlotte Protesters: 'We Look At Ferguson And We See Our Backyard'
November 26, 2014 - Ferguson, Missouri is more than 700 miles away from Charlotte. But that doesn’t mean the events there aren’t resonating here.


And she thought of Michael Brown’s parents. "I felt for them, you know I have a son. So if it was my son I would want justice."

Her son is just a year old, but Beals is already thinking about when they’ll have what’s known as ‘the talk.’ When she tells him he’s prone to being treated as suspicious by police officers because he’s a black male. "I don’t know how I’m going to tell him," she says, "I don’t know how I’m going to tell my son you’re at a disadvantage in life."

Also complicating that talks is this; Taquoia Beals wants to be a police officer. She held her son in one arm as she joined in the protest.


Jonathan Ferrell was a 24 year old African-American shot and killed not far from Marshall Park. He was in an early morning car accident and knocked on a nearby door asking for help. Police responded to a report of an attempted break-in.

Randall Kerrick, a white officer, fired a dozen shots, 10 of which hit Ferrel. Kerrick now faces a charge of voluntary manslaughter. read more & listen to>>>

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