Thursday, November 06, 2014

'Sea of Sacrifice; a Flood of Blood', 100th Anniversary of World War I

A flood of poppies in London
November 5, 2014 - It was a simple idea. Take the poppy, long a symbol of loss in war, and turn it into a commemoration worthy of the 100th anniversary of World War I - the war that was supposed to end all wars, but didn't.

And so, for each British and Empire soldier who died in that war, a ceramic poppy has been "planted" in what used to be the moat of the ancient Tower of London. And the result has astonished and captivated a nation.

Seen from the air, it is a sea of sacrifice; a flood of blood.

And, for the crowds who have come in the hundreds of thousands to witness it, it has been a lesson no history book can teach. read more>>>

That 'Sea of Sacrifice', that which the greater majority served, in recent decades, know nor care to know little about as they wave their flags of, poser, patriotism and labeling themselves, like religion, as more so then others are!!

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