Friday, December 12, 2014

Getting Useful Information Until Contractors Were Sent In To Torture

The dream of the conservatives, a privatized for corporate profit government, with agency administrations continuing so they have someone to blame. Billions into the corporate coffers, little work needed for, especially from no-bid contracts, thus with some higher taxes to keep with the con of lower taxes and smaller government but more in fee's, much more expensive, to be paid instead, happening already in many area's of the society. Justifying how great the private sector, corporate and business models in modern times with reagan capitalism only concern are bottom profit lines even taught in business schools, little to no regulation, is while ignoring where the problems are and caused by, think the NSA, the Veterans Administration, the Defense Department,..........................and on and on and on! And making sure they have plenty of campaign money to keep their control on the contries purse strings and enhance that control they give wealth enhancing sweetheart deals to those corporations and wealthy already, with extremely high tax cuts while at same time hiding their wealth to avoid even more of that small tax burton, investors. Hitting, paying for, the small investors along with the rest of the society with those sweetheart deals.

11 December 2014 - CIA shift to torture from productive interrogation puzzles
Rachel Maddow tells the story of how al Qaida member Abu Zubaydah was interrogated into giving useful information until contractors were sent in to torture him, at which point he ceased to be productive.

The Black Banners: The Inside Story of 9/11 and the War Against al-Qaeda

11 December 2014 - Ali Soufan: Torture contractors shocked CIA interrogators
Ali Soufan, former FBI special agent who took part in the interrogation of Abu Zubaydah, talks with Rachel Maddow about how the Senate torture report squares with his experience and why the CIA switched to torture interrogations they knew don’t work.

A book that will change the way we think about al-Qaeda, intelligence, and the events that forever changed America.

On September 11, 2001, FBI Special Agent Ali H. Soufan was handed a secret file. Had he received it months earlier—when it was requested—the attacks on New York and Washington could have been prevented. During his time on the front lines, Soufan helped thwart plots around the world and elicited some of the most important confessions from terrorists in the war against al-Qaeda—without laying so much as a hand on them. Most of these stories have never been reported before, and never by anyone with such intimate firsthand knowledge.

This narrative account of America's successes and failures against al-Qaeda is essential to an understanding of the terrorist group. We are taken into hideouts and interrogation rooms. We have a ringside seat at bin Laden's personal celebration of the 9/11 bombings. Such riveting details show us not only how terrorists think and operate but also how they can be beaten and brought to justice. 16 pages of black-and-white illustrations more>>>

Even If Torture Doesn't Work In The Real World, TV Has Us Convinced
December 12, 2014 - For TV writers, "enhanced interrogation" are just one more storytelling device. But has its surefire success in shows like 24 influenced how and when real-life interrogators employ torture? listen to report>>>

Untrained CIA Agents Were Just Making Up Torture Methods As They Went Along

The untrained interrogators were quite literally "left to their own devices." read more>>>

Time In A U.S.-Run Detention Center Helped Islamic State Leadership
December 12, 2014 - Of the 25 members of the Islamic State's military council, 17 were held for months or even years at Camp Bucca in southern Iraq. An ISIS leader says discussions there were instrumental to the group. listen to report>>>

* * * CIA Torture: Read the Senate Intelligence Committee report * * *

In a Democracy: 'Citizens must know what is done in their name'

* * * Seeds of ISIL Planted By Bush/Cheney and Conservative Congresses * * *

* * * The British Iraq War Inquiry * * *
Released will carry private communications between GWBush and TBlair, like this already released: TB said there was a danger the Tories would see this as their chance to get rid of him … Bush said they would make it clear to the Tories that if they moved to get rid of TB "we will get rid of them".

* * * Iraq War Promoted Terrorism Rather Than Reducing It * * *
24 April 2014 - Britain’s involvement in the Iraq War promoted terrorism rather than reducing it and was a “strategic failure”, according to a major new report which estimated the cost of all UK conflicts since the end of the Cold War.
The Royal United Services Institute said the UK could face a bill of nearly £65bn, once the cost of long-term care for injured veterans was factored in, with most of the money was spent on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
The study, called Wars in Peace, said both conflicts were largely “strategic failures” for the UK, The Guardian reported."

Facts: Matthew Hoh {former Marine and foreign service officer in Afghanistan}: "We spend a trillion dollars a year on national security in this country."
"And when you add up to the Department of Defense, Department of State, CIA, Veterans Affairs, interest on debt, the number that strikes me the most about how much we're committed financially to these wars and to our current policies is we have spent $250 billion already just on interest payments on the debt we've incurred for the Iraq and Afghan wars." 26 September 2014

Bob Herbert "Losing Our Way" : "And then the staggering costs of these wars, which are borne by the taxpayers. I mean, one of the things that was insane was that, as we're at war in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Bush administration cut taxes. This has never been done in American history. The idea of cutting taxes while you're going to war is just crazy. I mean, it's madness." Bill 'Moyers and Company': Restoring an America That Has Lost its Way 10 Oct. 2014

Chris Hayes MSNBC: "If you can run a deficit to go to war, you can run a deficit to take care of the people who fought it" In response to Republican opposition to expanding Veterans' benefits on fiscal grounds

Neither of these recent wars have yet been paid for, let alone the results from, including the long ignored or outright denied existence of, till this Administrations Cabinet and Gen Shinseki, only Government branch consistent for the past six years, issues! As well as under deficits most of the, grossly under funded, VA budget is still borrowed thus added, problem creating, costs that shouldn't exist!

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