Sunday, January 18, 2015

The Birth of a Conservation Movement in China

What's seen in these recent decades in China, after adopting a more capitalist ideology, is caused mostly by the reagan ideology corporate capitalists not just because of the extremely low wages, and no benefits, for labor but even more for the almost total lack of regulations on those corporatist to run free while keeping prices rising and bottom line profits growing for huge, untaxed, returns, not shared with that producing labor!

How a monkey helped launch China's conservation movement
January 18, 2015 - The words MONKEY BUSINESS usually suggest something silly and frivolous, but for pioneering conservationists on the other side of the world, the business of monkeys is very serious business indeed. Seth Doane teamed up with students from the University of British Columbia's Global Reporting Centre for our Cover Story:

Trekking through the mountains in this remote corner of China not far from Tibet, the young filmmakers are in search of an elusive subject.

"This is a long hike to get up here not to see anything," said 25-year-old wildlife photographer Jacky Poon, as they hiked through a snowstorm.

They're trying to spot a rare "snub-nosed monkey," which often means enduring grueling conditions and subzero temperatures, only to be disappointed. read more>>>

And evolving now, with the growth of conservation idea's in places like China, with decades of stagnated wage growth in capitalist societies, towards bringing back some of those once innovative and experienced trades labor that built an economy envied by all. With much lower wages, not shared with the producing labors, and with little to no regulations on what they do! While also winning the long wanted battles to destroy the beauty and natural treasures of the lands, air and waters!

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