Thursday, May 20, 2010

Afghanistan war doc sparks debate

'Armadillo' screened in Critics Week sidebar

May 18, 2010 CANNES -- "Armadillo," Janus Metz's Critics Week documentary about Danish soldiers in Afghanistan, has set off a firestorm of political debate in its home country, with the Danish defense minister being called to explain the allegations raised by the film.

Denmark's talk-show and pundit circuit lit up after an "Armadillo" screening in Copenhagen for politicians and journalists Monday. While Denmark's extreme right wing parties are hailing the film as a heroic depiction of their boys in battle, forces on the left are using it to strengthen their argument for a pull out of Danish troops from the region. Continued

What part of creating more and more hatreds, through the death and destruction, in todays world, don't these so called conservatives mind cells not grasp!

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