Thursday, May 20, 2010

Could the Damn Dam be Breaking, Finally!

The pressures on such a Dam, corruption, power hunger, greed, evil mentality........, can only hold up so long especially in this day and age, unlike prior where it would take decades to surface, the leaks here have been many now the truth needs to be brought to light!

Torture and rendition: Inquiry expected to expose officials who colluded

Disclosures made by press about the way British facilities used during US programme of extraordinary rendition

William Hague. Photograph: Warren Allott/AFP/Getty Images

20 May 2010 The judicial inquiry into Britain's role in torture and rendition since the al-Qaida attacks of September 2001 announced by the foreign secretary is poised to shed extraordinary light on one of the darkest episodes in the country's recent history.

It is expected to expose not only details of the activities of the security and intelligence officials alleged to have colluded in torture since 9/11, but also the identities of the senior figures in government who authorised those activities.

William Hague's decision follows a series of reports in the Guardian and other media over the last five years about the manner in which British intelligence officers were told they could interrogate terrorism suspects whom they knew were being tortured, and the way in which that secret policy was used in effect to subcontract torture to overseas intelligence agencies.

There has also been a steady drip of disclosures about the way in which British territory, airspace and facilities have been used during America's programme of extraordinary rendition and about orders that led to British special forces in Iraq handing over detainees to US forces, despite fears they were to be tortured.

Finally, the British army has been forced to admit that at least eight people died in its custody in Iraq, including a number who were being interrogated using illegal techniques including hooding.

Those who have been most bitterly resisting an inquiry – including a number of senior figures in the last government – may have been dismayed to see the Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition formed, as this maximised the chances of a judicial inquiry being established.


To establish the full truth the inquiry will need to discover:

Who authorised the bilateral agreements with the US, signed three weeks after the 9/11 attacks under article V of the North Atlantic treaty, that led to the UK offering logistic support for the CIA's rendition programme of kidnap and torture.

Whether any other such bilateral agreements were signed that led to human rights abuses during the so-called war on terror.

Who drew up, and who authorised, the secret interrogation policy, transmitted in January 2002 to all MI5 and MI6 agents in Afghanistan, telling them they could interrogate people who were being tortured, as long as they did not participate and were not "seen to condone it".

How was that policy further developed in mid-2004, why and by whom?

Which ministers authorised these policies?

What Downing Street knew about the torture of the British resident Binyam Mohamed, and about the torture in Pakistan and elsewhere of several British citizens suspected of planning terrorist attacks since 2001.

What the last foreign and home secretaries, David Miliband and Alan Johnson, knew about the UK's involvement in torture and rendition, what they did – and critically, what they may not have done – in an attempt to bring it to an end. Continued

This next is another call out and not yet in play, but it should be.

The Murder? of Dr. David Kelly!

Who Murdered UK Weapons Inspector Dr David Kelly?

Dr. David Kelly Photo courtesy:

May-19-2010 Christopher King examines the death of UK weapons inspector Dr David Kelly in 2003 and argues that, in the light of fresh analyses of the circumstances of his death, it is vital that the new British government make public Dr Kelly’s post mortem report and other documentation relating to his death.

”We need public access to Dr Kelly’s post mortem report and the documentation relating to his death. The Blair-Brown government’s delaying tactics will not do. Since we have a new government, a new attorney-general and a new home secretary, this is a test of the Cameron-Clegg government’s integrity.”


Dr Kelly’s significance We should bear in mind that Dr Kelly knew from personal investigation in Iraq what the truth of Saddam’s weapons were. It was thought at that time by Dr Hans Blix, head of the UN inspection team, and the inspectors generally that Saddam might have small quantities of weaponized chemical or biological materials but nothing significant. None had been found, nor had any trace of nuclear weapons construction. Dr Blix’s view was that although chemical and biological materials could not be accounted for, that did not mean that they existed. This was therefore Dr Kelly’s belief and view. Continued

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