Monday, May 10, 2010

America's tombstone

Is Arizona's immigration debacle a sign of things to come?

America's tombstone may read: The free press chose the profit and comfort of preaching to bigoted choirs over challenging the public with hard truths.

You can see our death in the controversy engulfing Arizona over its new immigration law. A 234-year-old nation of immigrants, the world's melting pot, has little understanding of what racism is and who is capable of acting in a bigoted manner.

Racism is not a quote or a slur uttered in disgust. Racism is imposing or supporting actions and laws that unfairly infringe upon the liberties of people who have a different skin color from you.

Each of us — regardless of skin color — is capable of acts of bigotry. Continued

Not of 'to come', the signs have been here all along but really, once again, reared they're ugly heads in the previous decades especially the last one!

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