Sunday, May 09, 2010

"unprecedented commitment" to veterans'

And that it has been in many cases the past year plus, some having been harder hurdles' to overcome and still not there yet, but!

Bennet hears vets' concerns

To find out how the government can better serve its former servicemen, U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet kicked off a statewide listening tour Saturday in Pueblo.

Bennet, D-Colo., had an open and wide-ranging discussion with about 15 local veterans at the GI Forum, 125 Hector Garcia Place.

The hour-long meeting touched on subjects from benefit claims and group counseling to immigration.

Bennet assured the group the recent signing of the Veterans Administration caregiver bill was an "unprecedented commitment" to veterans' needs.

Bennet co-sponsored the bill which, among other things, authorizes the remaining funding for construction of the $800 million VA medical center in Aurora.

The biggest issue facing the Department of Veterans Affairs is technology, Bennet said. The reason many VA functions, such as filing benefit claims, are ineffective is because they haven't changed with the times.

Technological advances would save money and increase efficiency, he said. Continued Here

And the reasons why are an American Public unwilling to sacrifice and fund the results of the wars of choice they readily support with bogus reasons made by the few and only create much more hatreds towards our policies thus us!

It was extremely blatant in the previous decade plus when congress only mentioned anything about veterans a few months before elections. Then with an administration and their congress rallying the country into not one but two long running occupations without mentioning much, to nothing, about the already veterans and those new they were now rapidly creating! But in the past year plus, started in the 110th congress with hearings and investigations plus funding, finally, changes have been happening rapidly and even the country is being forced, finally, to sacrifice, with stimulus money being used to create jobs on many issues needed just pertaining to the VA. Clinics and Hospitals being up fitted and even new being built, National Cemeteries being upgraded and new being added, and the sorry technology has now started being advanced into the 21st century!

There's still a long way to go, what should have been already done, but I see a leaner better agency and by being so cheaper to run, not playing constant catchup, in the future for our brothers and sisters!

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