Friday, May 07, 2010

Really Interesting Concept

System Stores Wind and Solar Power in the Form of Natural Gas, to Fit Neatly Into Existing Infrastructure

Filling Our Old Infrastructure with Renewable NatGas By turning excess wind and solar power into synthetic methane through a novel process of water electrolysis and hydrogen methanization, we can store green energy for later use in existing natural gas infrastructure.

It's abundantly clear that we need to get off fossil fuels for various reasons (try Googling "oil spill"), but our infrastructures are far better tuned for the hydrocarbon fuels of the past century than the renewables of the next. So why don't we just make fuels that work in our existing technology from renewable energy? A German-Austrian research collaboration has engineered a means to turn electricity from wind a solar resources into carbon-neutral natural gas that can be stored and deployed within existing natural gas infrastructure. Continued Here

There's another interesting trend, noted by this old fart me, that's been going on now for quite awhile. As I was growing up, and many years of that, we, this Country, were the envy of the World, our products, our work force, our innovations mostly coming from the workforce, our customer service and on and on..........

These last couple of decades have seen a giant leap in the opposite and it's not just from moving our companies oversea's, for the most part they don't innovate they just produce and the worker doesn't have much inclination to offer up better production idea's or enhanced products, that's just left to the highly paid paper pushers who aren't what they're paid. Innovations are coming from all around the globe and made by folks paying attention to the real problems the globe and the people face as well as their curiosity in wanting to develop the advancements!

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