Sunday, June 13, 2010

Arlington Cemetery

When you have a long line of political hacks and opportunist, with only an occasional non political appointee, who bring in same to help administer, you often find a match that's been lit and when it is a fire starts and spreads. They exist only because that's what the country really supports, those letters after a name!

More Mistakes Likely At Arlington Cemetery, Says Former Employee

Employees and interns from the Veterans Administration answered continuous calls from worried and angry people whose loved ones are buried at Arlington National Cemetery. This comes after the Army announced Thursday that an investigation found a possible 211 remains that may be unidentified or misidentified. It's not a surprise to Gina Gray.

"Last summer, I alerted Congress that they were getting rid of files here at the Cemetery. That was last July. I was laughed at," said Gray.

Gray was fired as the Public Affairs Director at Arlington in 2008. An investigation is underway into whether the cemetery's Deputy Superintendent hacked into Gray's email. Continued

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