Saturday, June 12, 2010

The "Burn Box"

They showed this last night, you might want to watch the video report. This is one issue nobody has really been touching on, while as much as can be should be burned off so it doesn't reach the shore line, these 'burn offs' are creating possible other unknown problems for much of the country. They're creating huge plumes of toxic substances being spread in the air. Many of the moisture laden storms hitting FL as well as the East Coast come out of the Gulf, some even traveling the whole Eastern U.S.. The contaminants are within these storms and dropping with the rains wherever they hit, i.e. acid rain!!

BP's "Burn Box" Ignites Oil Collecting on Gulf

Target Area 10 Miles by 10 Miles Aims to Cut Back on Gallons of Crude Heading Toward Shoreline

11 June 2010 A field of fire out in the Gulf of Mexico, where leaked BP oil burns by the barrel, is known as the "burn box." Every barrel that burns there is one more that will never reach shore, CBS News Correspondent Mark Strassmann reports. Continued

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cheney?? {crickets} Are You Back In Your Unknown Location Again?

How Very True Keith!

Been waiting for not only him but what about the bush or Condi Rice, Any and All the oil connected scum of that administration and just outside of as the TEA {once long ago GOP} party representatives mouth off about the current while Not visiting their own possible criminality as to upholding the Regulations already on the books and doing No Oversite or Congressional Investigations when they held power and especially the six years of total control!

Visit the MSNBC Page site of the Maddow show, or her blog, last nights show was all on the spill and related to, putting together the recent reports she's done while down in the Gulf area.

She's been doing a Great Job of simple explanation since this started but mostly in clips with other issues.

Reading many responses all over the web there's an awful lot of supposedly intelligent adults that need to sit down and get Educated, something they obviously missed in getting those pieces of paper especially in developing not only common sense but the critical thought that would lead to real research on important issues to understand them!!

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