Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Brother 'Nam Vet's Son on Flotilla and Injured

MA man's son seriously injured in Israeli attack on aid ship"

Son ‘seriously injured’ on aid ship, Cape Cod man told, Boston Globe.

A Cape Cod man was awaiting word last night from his 28-year-old son, who was on board one of the flotilla of ships Israeli commandos stormed.
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Brewster resident Joseph Bangert said an aide from Senator John F. Kerry’s office told him yesterday that his son, Fiachra Ó Luain, was “seriously injured’’ in the bloody confrontation between Israeli soldiers and pro-Palestinian activists aboard the ships trying to bring aid to the Gaza Strip.


Joseph Bangert, a retired Marine and Vietnam veteran, said he was preparing to go to a Memorial Day service yesterday when he heard the news.

He said he has been glued to the computer and news reports since, and is in shock.

“I’m the veteran, and today, I find my son — who never put the uniform on — is in combat,’’ he said. Continued

Man on attacked flotilla has Cape ties

"The irony did not escape me," he said. "It is Memorial Day. I am a Vietnam veteran, and my first thought is to whether my son, a peace activist, survived an attack by the Israeli army."


"I'm scared for Fiachra, but I am also proud of him. My son is heroic," he said. Continued

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