Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Military Service!!

Yep to below!! But should he win and as he's seemed to be a strong advocate for veterans affairs, but not holding office where he can really make a difference, he will now be held to show that advocacy by all of us Real 'Nam In-Country Veterans, at least the ones still alive, and more for the present day Veterans of our now Wars of Choice!!

Commentary: Blumenthal's military service deception is inexcusable

1 June 2010 Lots of people embellish.

Benchwarmers promote themselves to the starting lineup. Childhood circumstances become more hardscrabble, youthful adventures more daring and glamorous.

Most times it's harmless. People accept the pervasiveness and give embellishers a pass, even if the chronic ones come off as a bit foolish.

But there are limits. The big one is military service. Continued

As same goes for those embellishing in any way, i.e. Mark Kirk Do You Hear!!

One who's served knows exactly where they did, when they did, and what was awarded personally to them and so does the DoD!!

And the 'chickenhawks' beware, especially those who think? they're strong political party members, either party, and those Dems giving excuse to the Not 'misstatements, his use of words are a very big tool in his profession, we're here Still taking you down for the phony rhetoric used asnd it's much easier to do in this day and age and getting easier!

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