Monday, June 07, 2010

Nick Clegg on Chilcot Inquiry

Iraq: Nick Clegg says Chilcot inquiry must not be a whitewash

07 Jun 2010 Nick Clegg has warned that the Iraq inquiry will be viewed as a whitewash unless it is able to publish previously secret information to the public.

Nick Clegg: this is a new kind of government

The Deputy Prime Minister warned that the legitimacy of the inquiry, led by Sir John Chilcot, would be in doubt unless there was “real, meaningful, thorough disclosure”.

He also launched an outspoken attack on Tony Blair's government, accusing it of being “hell-bent on going to war” and able to "bamboozle Parliament and the British people".

In opposition Mr Clegg accused Gordon Brown’s administration of attempting to “gag” the inquiry by keeping vital documents classified, something he said had “all the hallmarks of a cover-up”.

Under protocols for releasing confidential information, Sir John and his inquiry team were allowed to see some classified papers but could not refer to them during evidence sessions. Continued

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