Sunday, June 06, 2010

Sen. Webb and Agent Orange

Jim Webb, D-Va: Not a Friend of Veterans Exposed to Agent Orange

Jun-06-2010 Years of denial, small breakthroughs, and a large setback, or is it a stab in the back?

Senator Jim Webb, a Vietnam Veteran himself, has won approval to STALL the newest three presumptive illnesses from the Agent Orange list which Secretary Shinseki had already approved.

This is, at least for now, a temporary and 60 day freeze. However, if he receives congressional momentum in favor of what he is proposing, these three new presumptives, COULD be prevented from being approved.

I continue to urge everyone to submit your claims.

I also urge you to contact your local congressional and Senate representatives ASAP. I also urge you to write to the Secretary as well as our President urging they all take our side and override this amendment sponsored by Webb. It is not, I repeat, NOT supportive of the Agent Orange victim.

In his article on, "Spending limits placed on new Agent Orange claims", Tom Philpott wrote:

"The chief architect of the pricey new GI Bill education benefit for veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan war era could become a new champion — for taxpayers — against what he perceives as excess spending on military pay and on a new wave of Agent Orange claims[1]. Continued

Senator Webb, this is not a good move on your part, it's been forty plus years for us and our brothers and sisters and what do you think they've been doing as many have been dying from, especially after your stellar record as to your brother and sister veterans, not a good move at all!

This is that famous so called conservative side you're known for showing and frankly that ideology has been destroyed, or what once was.

Our occupation didn't just happen yesterday, nor is it a part of the two, and the many other fronts, going on today! You're showing your Politics as has been by this country since Korea, send and ignore after they return! Why?, because that would mean the Country would have to pony up for the results of their Wars of Choice, like Vietnam, and that's just not acceptable. After all they ignored us on PTSD which covers all our Wars and the living veterans as well as many in civilian life who experience extreme trauma, they ignored us on Agent Orange and the other Defoliants, they've ignored the Gulf War I veterans on Gulf War Syndrome, they've been ignoring a number of issues as to the present veterans, issues that were and are the same and now even added issues because of the nature of both conflicts!

Don't play Politics and Political Obstruction with those of us who've served, you included, the Country has ignored Long Enough, to many have already died, they need to know about and sacrifice because of, that which results from!

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