Tuesday, July 20, 2010

"Art of the American Soldier"

US soldiers' war paintings go on display for first time

20 Jul 2010 An exhibition showcasing hundreds of never-before-seen artworks painted by serving US soldiers has been unveiled for the first time in America.

'That 2,000 Yard Stare' painted by Tom Lea, World War Two, 1944 Photo: REUTERS

More than 300 paintings created by serving US servicemen and women depict various images of war that were witnessed first hand.

The paintings, most which never have been placed on public display, were selected from about 15,000 artworks collected by the US Army since the 1840s.

The exhibition, which covers every conflict fought by American soldiers from the First World War through to the current conflict in Afghanistan, focuses on the duties, sacrifices and everyday lives of troops.

Titled "Art of the American Soldier" it will be showcased at the National Constitution Centre, Philadelphia, from September. Continued

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