Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The U.S. Government is 'The People'!!

This actually came to me through the DoD Military Medical Digest for Military Health System e-mail updates when new is added to the list, who says change can't happen!!

U.S. Government to Gulf War Vets: DROP DEAD!

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From 1991 to 2003, hundreds of thousands of our bravest men and women sought help from the Veterans Administration, from the Defense Department, from the White House, all to no avail. The official word was that Gulf War Syndrome did not exist. So they suffered in silence. Tens of thousands died from these conditions. Many lost their homes because of the high costs to pay for medical care themselves. Independent investigations, including those conducted by many of the Gulf War veterans themselves, showed multiple causes behind Gulf War Syndrome, including experimental vaccines, exposure to depleted uranium (DU), and toxicity from biological and chemical weapons, oil fires and other environmental contaminants.

This new and no-holds-barred documentary exposes the 19 year secret U.S. Government program whose consequences have caused the needless suffering and deaths of our brave Gulf War vets. Total killed since 1991 – 75,000+ - Nearly 40% more than died in Vietnam! Does anyone care?? Could your father, husband, son or daughter be among those our government considers EXPENDABLE?!!

Gary Null and Richard Gale

Progressive Radio Network, July 19, 2010 Continued

Gulf War Veterans' Illnesses

Information about health problems associated with military service during Operations Desert Shield, Desert Storm and Iraqi Freedom and related VA benefits

* New Gulf War Newsletter: Download the latest Gulf War Review (443 KB, PDF) to read news briefs and more for Veterans who served in Desert Shield/Storm and their families. Subscribe to receive future newsletters by e-mail.

* Institute of Medicine Report: The Institute of Medicine released a report on Gulf War Veterans’ illnesses April 9, 2010 that found associations between deployment to the 1990 - 1991 Gulf War and specific health problems. VA has formed a task force to address the report and make recommendations to VA’s Secretary. Learn more about the Institute of Medicine Report on Gulf War and Health.

Approximately 697,000 men and women served in Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm from August 1990 to June 1991 during the Gulf War. In the years since they returned, nearly a quarter of Gulf War Veterans have experienced illnesses that have led VA and others to research whether hazardous exposures during the Gulf War caused their symptoms. Continued

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