Friday, August 06, 2010

Our 'white-supremacist' On The Move

A 'white-supremacist' past and now present, held in Panama for killing five people and taking over their property, and admitting to same!

Alleged killer lived in their midst

6 August 2010 N.C. residents recall William Holbert, accused of multiple murders in Panama.

She'd seen their pictures in the news - an N.C. couple jailed in Panama on multiple murder charges.

They looked weary and considerably heavier than Donna Stephens remembered.

In 2005, they'd answered an ad to rent her house in northern Cleveland County.


One day Hoover got a call from a gym employee who said Holbert was exercising while wearing a tank top, exposing white-supremacist tattoos. When Hoover questioned Holbert, he explained the tattoos were from his younger days and that he no longer believed in the sentiments. Hoover made Holbert put his shirt on.

About eight weeks into Holbert's new job, Hoover became suspicious when bank statements began disappearing. When he investigated, Hoover said he learned Holbert had written nearly $25,000 worth of personal checks on the business. According to Hoover, some of the money went to furnish an apartment Holbert shared with Reese.


In early 2005, Forest City police Lt. Chris Lovelace met the owner of a controversial new store on Main Street.

Linked to a group called the Southern National Patriots, the shop sold, among other things, Confederate flags, patches, bandanas and T-shirts with swastikas and white-supremacist designs.

The store upset some residents. When Lovelace shared those concerns with the owner, William Dathan Holbert listened but said nothing.

"He was friendly the whole time," Lovelace said. "He was always friendly towards law enforcement."

A video shot by WLOS-TV in Asheville shows Holbert talking to a group at the store about preserving Southern culture and starting a new government.

"They're taxing us to death," he said to a room covered with rebel flags. "They're removing our jobs. That's what they're doing. They're killing us.... You should be masters of your house. You should be masters of your own government." Continued

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