Friday, September 24, 2010

Health and Preventive Health Care

Notice the unhealthy chubby talking heads that are carrying this attack meme forward, by the way the health insurance companies love unhealthy, but here's some reality:

Injuries climb with more Army recruits unfit for duty

The Army is facing a weighty new challenge: would-be soldiers who arrive at basic training so out of shape that they suffer alarming numbers of stress fractures and other injuries. {read rest}

Now watch this video on whom they're going after and why:

Right-wing culture warriors attack Michelle Obama

Sept. 23: Rachel Maddow shows conservative figures attacking First Lady Michelle Obama for encouraging Americans to eat well.

'Choice', notice the use of that as to what 'they' want, now where have I heard the positives as to that word coming from same and attacks on others, from same, as to others and 'choice'!

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