Friday, September 24, 2010

"Pledge to America"??

Interesting as to this so called 'pledge to america', not a lick in there 'Demanding Sacrifice!' for the soldiers and veterans especially of these two current wars and occupations of choice!! Keeping their, the gop or (r)'s, track record in tact {anyone hear the beck, palin or any teabagger 'Demand Sacrifice' in the past couple of years or especially at the becksters preacher rally, me neither!}, as well as nothing as to their ever growing bloated and corrupt defense budgets, but hey the wealthy gotta have their tax cuts above the already huge ones given and writeoffs built into their filings!!

Olbermann: GOP pledge filled with ‘indecision’

Sept. 23: Countdown’s Keith Olbermann assesses the GOP’s “Pledge to America.”

Here's the kicker, Thanks Rachel and Patrick

GOP puts veterans in anti-government cross-hairs

Sept. 23: Rachel Maddow demonstrates that privatizing VA care is a Republican priority and talks with Iraq War veteran, Congressman Patrick Murphy about why Democrats aren't making more of an issue of the Republican war on popular government programs.

By the way, they were already doing it under the bush, one of the reasons there were so many reports of lost laptops loaded with private info and some of those same embedded private company employee's, political hacks and incompetents, are still loosing same!

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