Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Iraq war inquiry report delayed

And the modern day obstruction continues, seems the new looks much like the old but maybe a tad more refined in the ways to block, even with the advancements, in oh so many ways, of the technology age!

Chilcot inquiry panel cites refusal by Whitehall departments to disclose sensitive documents as one reason for delay until summer 2012

16 November 2011 - Damning criticism of Tony Blair and the way his government led Britain into invading Iraq, and continuing rows over the disclosure of secret documents, have delayed the report of the Chilcot inquiry until well into next summer and possibly much later.

In a statement on its website, posted on Wednesday but pointing only in general terms to the serious difficulties it is confronting, the inquiry panel said: "Pulling together and analysing the evidence and identifying the lessons, for a report that covers so wide and complex a range of issues and a time period of some nine years, is a significant task.

"The inquiry has advised the government that it will need until at least summer 2012 to produce a draft report which will do justice to the issues involved. Very considerable progress has already been made, but there is still much to be done."

The inquiry makes it clear that Whitehall departments are continuing to block the disclosure of documents about the circumstances surrounding the invasion of Iraq.

"The inquiry will need to negotiate the declassification of a significant volume of currently classified material with the government, to enable this to be quoted in, or published alongside [the final report]" the statement said. read more>>>

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