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To Grover from the "Patriotic Millionaires for Fiscal Strength"

The U.S. government is not a charity. We didn't take -- we didn't pass the hat when we decided to go into Afghanistan. We don't pass a hat when we decide whether or not to -- the country needs another aircraft carrier or to build a freeway or what have you.

Yesterday a group out of the some 200 Patriotic Millionaires for Fiscal Strength went on the Hill and lobbied congressional reps, especially the so called pass the buck and waste more time and our money 'super committee' note: add to the 'super committee' that because one member of sits on it nothing has been getting done as to the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee who's last hearing was back in September while two wars/occupations, on the U.S. credit card, still have soldiers serving in} and others to raise their taxes. They understand they need much of what the society does together just so they can invest and grow, as well as the businesses to exist, and they need to be a big part of that collective participation that benefits that needed growth.

Guests: Charlie Fink, millionaire with Patriotic Millionaires
Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform

From above discussion

"If you fly out of John F. Kennedy airport into Charles De Gaulle airport in France it's like flying from a third world country into a first world country and the first world country is no longer us!"

Last night they had more on the PBS Newshour with an interview from the founder of '', Garrett Gruener:

AIR DATE: Nov. 16, 2011
'Patriotic Millionaires' Lobby Congress for Higher Taxes on Rich

Members of Patriotic Millionaires for Fiscal Strength visited Capitol Hill Wednesday, lobbying Congress for higher taxes on the rich. Jeffrey Brown discuses the group's goals with member Garrett Gruener, who founded Transcript

Grover's constant message to these actual business owners, investors in growth potential businesses and investors in total economic growth, taking chances in many ways as to success of, is:
"Go ahead. Just do it. Put your money where your mouth is. You don't need to -- you don't need to change the law."

To which these actual business entrepreneurs, grover's claim to fame is as an opinionated non economic growth capitalist not for the masses but for the few, answer is:
GARRETT GRUENER: Well, that's something I can speak to directly.

I have built up a number of companies myself, and I have been a venture capitalist now for almost 20 years. So I have been involved in the creation of lots of high-technology companies, companies in life sciences, in software and hardware, now in clean tech. And I'm currently running a company that's built on nanotechnology.

And I can say, for myself, that not a single one of those investments, not one was ever impacted by marginal tax rates. I invested under the Clinton rates. I invested under the Bush rates. I invested under the rates before that. And, by the way, in history, the rates were much higher than they are today.

Something those like grover, not business minds, just political ideologue's of one political party and this one even thinks those the country hire are supposed to make policy, not for the country nor those who pay them, by signing pledges that he, not in government, demands of them! Sounds more like a cult mentality then a countries political ideology of one of a two party system.

They've even got the oft repeated talking points like businesses, and the super wealthy, hugely so in the past couple of decades, can't start or grow if they are taxed fairly in society, even getting rid of regulations that make sure they produce safe products and are honest in their business practices and more, and because of fear growth and hiring, the opposite of the some three decade free market supply side capitalism implemented by them that quickly grew their wealth and stagnated everyone else's share in the labor they produced for them.

JEFFREY BROWN: why do we hear that tax rates do have an impact

To which the response:

GARRETT GRUENER: I think it's -- frankly, I think it's a myth.

I think that this is something, that it's a good line. It -- certainly, if it were true, if it were a critical aspect of growing the economy, then I might be a supporter of it. But my own experience is, it literally has had zero impact on the investment decisions that I have made.

And when you think about it, it makes perfect sense, that the kinds of things that I'm doing at least in venture capital, what we're trying to do is grow companies that have the ability to grow into major companies and employ a lot of people. Sometimes, we get it right. Sometimes, we get it wrong. But, anyway, that's always the objective.

And if that's the case, a few points of marginal tax rate one way or the other are not going to make a big difference. Transcript

To which a fair distribution, the one percents taxes needed, are also an investment, like their direct business investments, into whether the businesses started or invested in do succeed as it helps pay for the many infrastructure needs, ignored to often and more then roads and bridges, not only the society uses but are needed for businesses to prosper and grow.

Back to one point made last night and made by this group of 'patriotic millionaires' on many occasions:

We didn't take -- we didn't pass the hat when we decided to go into Afghanistan.

Add in Iraq the war of choice and when the drums started beating towards made Afghanistan the same, as we allowed the leadership and others to walk away from the main mission after 9/11 and the promises, once again, to the Afghans on helping them rebuild after decades of war destruction.

I don't remember hearing anything from grover, and many others, in condemning the huge borrowing needed, as the treasury emptied, to wage these wars and sending others then them to fight in. Nor about the no bid contracts, or the reports about billions just plain lost.

I could use a quick infusion of the type of wealth that these grover's make off of grifting on ideologies and doing nothing else constructively. After running through unemployment, and then my savings as luckily I was coming on my sixty second birthday thus the at least lower social security retirement of which I never planned to retire as I could and can do what I've done all my working life, because the construction industry collapsed and they've kept it so with little to none in public investments in long needed infrastructure repairs, even before the economic collapse.

I'm more then willing to take on a bet, with what I've slowly been rebuilding in finances, that I think would be a sure bet. And that bet would be a sure 'Win', wouldn't bring me into the one percent, far from it, but really would make life a tad more comfortable, that grover is an investor. And with his long history of grifting off of extremist capitalism and government ideologies, on the fringes of our government, never seeking to be hired into, and with his many connections to the countries hired representatives, he's made a bundle personally especially in the last decade and especially just off anything related to these two wars of choice. He's got to be trading his support for at least some, if not many, of our supposed representatives, who he gets to sign his 'pledges' for that legal insider trading congressional critters and staffs take part in with the non public knowledge, of policies and more, the rest are not privy to!

No Revenues = No Sacrifice = No Support for Soldiers nor Veterans!!

Hummm, maybe I'll search out a bookie or online gambling outlet giving odds and see who has the best.

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