Thursday, November 10, 2011

Lets Hear It For Occupy Grand Rapids: Veterans Day!!

Has anyone heard a questioner ask these Tepublican candidates, in the new TV reality show call debates, if they'll Finally Demand Sacrifice from the Country as to their wars of choice they fully supported and their congressional representatives rubber stamped everything related to?

While they, those same in Congress, their 24/7 cable outlet called news and all their supporters, for the full terms of these ongoing wars, were condemning all those who were right about all the extremely failed policies related to!

The reality shows have been held on many different media outlets who were also extremely complicit in their support of for the past decade, only recently questioning and only a few of those.

Occupy is about the many issues facing the 99% that have greatly eroded what we once were building, and succeeding in many area's, as a society and country, as that 1% at the top have succeeded in their new capitalism of the past some thirty years. That 1%, as well as anyone with an investment account handled by a broker and not concerned where their money is invested but only in the returns, are still reaping profits from these wars, directly or indirectly.

Occupy Grand Rapids is taking a stand as related to the whole countries responsibility, this Veterans Day, a country that waves flags, condemns others for not being patriotic, uses language and symbols of phony 'support' and refuses to 'sacrifice' as the soldiers and their families who have borne that 'Sacrifice' and as many join our Veterans Ranks for the rest of their lives!

Occupy Grand Rapids stands up for veterans care, will shift demonstration to state facility
November 09, 2011 - Occupy Grand Rapids picketers plan to move out of downtown Friday to protest proposed privatization at the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans, claiming those that fought for the country's freedom deserve the best care that can be offered.

In a Facebook post, the group says it will be occupying the grounds of the home, 3000 Monroe Ave. NE, from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. Friday, which is Veteran's Day.

“Our veterans have fought hard and deserve to have us fight for them,” the post announcing the protest states. “Let's stand up and say we will not be held hostage by these profits before people policies.

“Tell (Gov. Rick) Snyder that we will not stand for experienced, hard working, public health care employees being replaced by inexperienced and underpaid workers. Caring for our vets is such an important job that it should be compensated with benefits and a fair living wage.” read more>>>

Country Must 'Sacrifice' not just Groups Within nor Just Non Profits Fighting for Donations!

No Revenues = Still No Sacrifice = That's Called 'Support' For The Troops = DeJa-Vu all over again, Shared Sacrifice My A**!!

As those war profiteers who ordered are still profiteering and not only on books, their wealthy class does as well, directly or indirectly, and none are taxed to boot!

No Sacrifice now a decade plus long added to the previous decades!!

“A nation that does not take care of its veterans has got no business whatsoever making new ones.” Stacy Bannerman, April, 2007

As to the question mentioned above. I haven't heard but then again I don't watch 'reality shows', so if someone has please inform and if you remember their answers that would help. I also haven't heard many Dems mentioning the lack of Sacrifice while some who call themselves that walk in lockstep with the obstructionist as to issues like revenues, Sacrifice, and the 'jobs bill's' or anything the Administration tries to offer up. Speaking of this Administration, they are the only ones not waving flags as they've constantly been talking about the soldiers, their families and veterans, and implementing what they can, especially the First and Second Ladies of, since coming into office. Not even so called progressive online boards or writers mention 'Sacrifice' much if at all!

"You walk into one of our rooms where ... decisions are being made about disabilities for veterans (and) see individuals sitting at a desk with stacks of paper that go up halfway to the ceiling. And as they finish one pile, another pile comes in," - U.S.V.A. Secretary Gen. Eric Shinseki, Feb. 10, 2009

"And so what I've been trying to do and what Mrs. Biden and Mrs. Obama and the chairman and his wife - all these folks, are trying to do is to - is to try and get that other 99 percent to - they all say they support the troops, but it's not just enough to say it." - Defense Secretary Robert Gates - 23 June 2011 - PBS News Hour

He found one of his biggest battles was connecting with Americans on the home front. "I was struck at how little they really did understand about what we've been through," Adm. Mike Mullen (retired) October 2, 2011 CBS Sunday Morning

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