Saturday, November 12, 2011

Pledging 100,000 Jobs For Vets

Don't look to the tepubs for support nor keeping politics out of this, one of their leaders shot the first round over the bow, one of their oh so patriotic named jim demint, voting a lonely 'nay' on the Veterans Job Bill! A safe vote being the only one as he obviously told his minions to vote yay, the message being the typical obstructions are coming!

Michelle Obama, Industry Groups Set Politics Aside To Pledge 100,000 Jobs For Vets

11/10/11 - First Lady Michelle Obama announced new, large scale public-private partnerships Thursday with two pro-business industry groups, the International Franchise Association and U.S. Chamber of Commerce -- partnerships that, taken together, could help create job opportunities for 100,000 military veterans and their families.

The two groups will partner with the Joining Forces initiative, founded by the first lady and Dr. Jill Biden to support veterans and military families. During a launch event Thursday at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce headquarters, Mrs. Obama stressed the urgency of addressing unemployment among veterans.

The first lady noted that last week, "the overall unemployment rate dipped, yet the rate of Iraq and Afghanistan's veterans continued to rise." Unemployment among post-9/11 veterans currently stands at 12.1 percent, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The larger of the two partnerships is with the IFA, which "has committed to hire 80,000 veterans and military spouses -- which will include 5,000 of our wounded warriors -- by 2014," Mrs. Obama said. The second joint effort is with U.S. Chamber of Commerce member companies and the Pentagon's Military Spouse Employment Program, which the first lady said "has committed to hire 20,000 military spouses at companies like Microsoft, Citi and Home Depot."

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