Sunday, December 18, 2011

Ignored Past Wrongs Plague Us Still

As we continue to create new wrongs in the present and recent past, to be ignored

The Cost of Ignoring the Past
December 15, 2011 - It’s impressive. From Tunis, to Cairo, to New York City and across America, even most dangerously in post-election Moscow, protestors have taken to the streets insisting on being heard, demanding change from their governments and corporate allies. In the United States, they see an array of societal wrongs—from huge numbers of fraudulent home foreclosures, to banking crimes borne out of unvarnished corporate greed, to the widespread unemployment caused by those wrongs.

But present day abuses of corporate and governmental power are sitting on top of similar, long ignored past wrongs. Because those wrongs weren’t protested or forcibly addressed then, they plague us still, more than ever. They are numerous and often interconnected.

For example, many generations after President Nixon ordered the bombing and simultaneous spraying of the herbicide Agent Orange throughout South Vietnam, much of Laos and Cambodia, countless Vietnamese are born today with atrocious birth defects—from misshapen heads, to blindness, to missing limbs—directly resulting from the poison seeped into the soil 50 years ago. read more>>>

Vietnam Agent Orange Relief & Responsibility Campaign

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