Sunday, December 18, 2011

"Last Vehicle Out of Iraq"

NBC had just reported on the pullout with a report from Richard Engle who took the photo.

It's a medivac vehicle and the reason it was at the end of the last convoy to leave Iraq and cross the border into Kuwait

This photo and some others can be found on Engels twitter feed

Here's an earlier report from NBC"

'The war is over': Last US soldiers leave Iraq

Updated at 7:44 a.m. ET 18 Dec. 2011 - KHABARI CROSSING, Kuwait -- The last American troops crossed the border from Iraq into Kuwait early Sunday, ending the U.S. military presence there after nearly nine years.

As the last convoy left Iraq at daybreak Sunday, soldiers whooped, bumped fists and embraced each other in a burst of joy and relief, The Associated Press reported.

NBC News' Richard Engel tweeted from the border: "The gate to #iraq is closed. Soldier just told me, 'that's it, the war is over.'"

The final column of around 100 mostly MRAP armored vehicles carrying 500 U.S. troops trundled through the night along an empty highway, across the southern Iraq desert to the Kuwaiti border. read more>>>

This mornings, 18 Dec. 2011, report from Iraq

The war officially ended a couple of days back, but a small contingent of troops supposedly are still there and training Iraqi's and of course now, In Our Names, our new branch of the military, our very expensive private army of highly paid mercs take over the security for thousands in the diplomatic corps in the huge Iraq embassy!!

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