Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Occupy: "rent offices; establish protest presence"

Occupy protestors should rent offices; establish protest presence in Washington
December 6, 2011 - The movement has arisen from a simple group of protestors occupying Wall Street in protest of big businesses' grip on the throat of the U.S. economy and has bloomed across the nation with sister protests in cities and towns large and small.

Occupy has peacefully brought forth the discontent simmering under the surface of an electorate ignored by those they put in office; and, they’ve brought a variety of issues into the national dialogue in an attempt to pressure the politicians into acting for change.

It's a good start, but...

There’s only one problem, and it was alluded to several weeks ago by businessman and philanthropist Russell Simmons on Twitter (@UncleRush).

"OWS can set up satellite offices all ovr the country & the revolution shld expand we cn do more from an organized effort out of offices”.

Occupy's next act needs to be to establish a credible and effective presence across the country. It can start anchoring itself where it needs to be by renting office space with donated funds. This shouldn’t be hard to do with the number of empty storefronts and foreclosed properties dotting the nation in cities large and small. read more>>>

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