Wednesday, December 07, 2011

The Victim's of Agent Orange

Helping children cope with disability
Learning to live with misfortune: Cao Thi Phu from central Kon Tum Province (centre) teaches "her" children how to weave brocade at the Cao Phu centre, which she established in October 2009. - VNS Photos Tran Hoai Nam

December, 06 2011 - Cao Thi Phu has spent much of her adult life helping disabled children make their way in life. She herself was a victim of Agent Orange, which she was exposed to during the American War. Tran Hoai Nam reports.

While the war between Viet Nam and America took place decades ago, its brutal aftermath remains severe as thousands of children continue to suffer the effects of Agent Orange.

In sympathy, 55-year-old Cao Thi Phu from central Kon Tum Province has lent her support to a multitude of these children over the past two years by providing them with food, jobs, a platform for their products and a chance to integrate into society.

From inside her house, which serves both her family and as a shelter for 15 disabled children, Phu reminisced about the ups and downs of her life. Through her stories, we witnessed the battlefields in the central province of Quang Tri as well as the moments of happiness experienced by the children whom she has managed to help.

In early 1971, when fighting was at its fiercest, and similar to countless other youths at the time, Phu joined a young volunteer group at age 15. read more>>>

Vietnam Agent Orange Relief & Responsibility Campaign

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