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Are Koch Bro's Photo's Soon to Grace Your Kids School Walls

I receive a weekly news letter with the self explained title, This Week in History, which brings some very interesting past history into my in-box, some of which I'll use most bringing up the memories of what I've learned over my life, in my private life while expanding my knowledge in my professional trades working life, but not used often as I add more and more to that hard drive in my head the human brain.

This one, just below, for today caught my curiosity to read further as many do if they have a reference link as others do even without a link but the words within that now can be easily searched out.

February 20, 1942 - The vast majority of teachers in German-occupied Norway refused to comply with the forced Nazification of the school system. The government had ordered display of the portrait of German-installed Minister President Vidkun Quisling (formerly head of Nasjonal Samling, the Norwegian fascist party) in all classrooms, revision of the curriculum and textbooks to reflect Nazi ideology, and teaching of German to replace English as their second language

The teachers organized and 12,000 of 14,000 nationwide wrote the same letter on this day to the education department refusing membership in the newly formed Nazi teachers’ association. Two days later clergy throughout the country read a manifesto against Nazi control of the schools.

How the teachers pushed back

Trying to control the schools, and what is taught within them, has been going on for quite awhile in this country, especially over the past couple of decades but seeded to really ramp up, on speed and private funding, over the past one, which is why I'm posting this up. What with the increasing coverage of what has been going on the past some five years at least and probably much longer. Did a quick search and just grabbed some recent reporting about, on segregation once more rearing it's ugly head, or on ALEC in Kansas schools, or how about phony science especially about climate change, with another on climate change.

It figures the Koch bro's and their ilk would be funding issues like those last two. They're profiting extremely well off what has been with the other special interests that have been blocking what we once started down the road to manufacturing, developing further and adding another growth industry, alternative clean energy, started some forty years ago, right about the same time we started off-shoring our innovative labor trades for cheaper labor and little to non regulation while those same trades wages and benefits started stagnating and in recent years falling. Back then and through the years the excuses were it was to expensive to build the products and install or that energy was cheap so why change to clean. Now it's grasping at 'climate change' and the denying the existence of the obvious and using the only tool they can that it's because of our actions over many many decades and the use of fossil fuels and more. A very weak use of propaganda as whether you buy it or not is not the real reason, for there are many, in developing a widely growth industry into an economic reality.

But back to the why I bring you the This Week in History and the subject title, the link above takes you to the first of three pages titled NONVIOLENCE IN WORLD WAR TWO WHAT HAPPENED IN NORWAY which is self explanatory as to Non Violence and War. With the first into the second covering what the Nazi's were trying to do while occupying Norway and in their schools and the resistance from the school teachers, others and the Norwegian population.

Here's a couple of cuts from:

Vidkun Quisling (on right), Germany’s puppet leader in Norway, allowed Germany to invade his country and declared himself Prime Minister. In Norway his name has become synonymous with traitor.


The Germans believed that the most effective way of promoting Nazi ideals would be through the schools. In the autumn of 1941 the Nazi minister of education issued a series of orders. Portraits of Vidkun Quisling, as Norway's Nazi party leader, were to be hung on school walls, and anyone who removed them would be punished. Textbooks were to be revised to conform with Nazi views. No English texts could be used, and German, not English, was now the second language which every child must learn. Teachers must also educate their pupils thoroughly in Nazism.

The teachers were appalled. Their underground group met repeatedly to discuss what they should do. Meanwhile they were in no hurry to obey the education minister's commands.

Membership of the Norwegian Nazi party had been growing, from around 4,000 before the invasion to 40,000 in January 1942. Quisling's recruiting success was noticed in Berlin. He was brought back out of the cold and unexpectedly offered the post of 'Minister President' (prime minister). Almost his first act was to establish a new Nazi-oriented Teachers' Association with membership compulsory for all teachers. He quickly followed this up with a Nazi Youth Movement (based on the Hitler Youth movement in Germany), compulsory for all children aged between 10 and 18. Some of these 400,000 young people, Quisling said, would be selected for training as Nazi party members.

Courage and endurance

The teachers were now faced with the choice of submitting or losing their jobs and pensions. Their underground association came up with the answer: mass action. The teachers were to write to the education department, rejecting membership of the new association. Their letters were to be written with exactly the same wording and posted on the same day: February 20, 1942. Two days later a manifesto against Nazi control of Norway's education system was read aloud by clergy in churches throughout the country. There were 14,000 teachers in Norway, and 12,000 of them rejected Quisling's demand. As one teacher said: 'It was a matter of conscience. We couldn't have looked our families and friends in the face if we hadn't taken this stand.' By the beginning of May Quisling had to acknowledge his failure. 'You have destroyed everything for me,' Quisling told a teachers' meeting angrily. {continued}


499 teachers now faced another cattle-car journey. This was followed by a sea voyage, in conditions that horrified even the Nazi doctor who went on board to make a report for Quisling. The ship had room for only 250 passengers, but all 499 were crammed in. Many could not even lie down, though they were now ill with 'pneumonia, gastric ulcers. asthma, bronchitis. haemorrhage and mental derangement'. 'The water supplies are totally inadequate, and there are only two lavatories,' the doctor added. Quisling replied, 'The measures taken against Norway's teachers are a direct consequence of their treasonable activities': they had had their chance to recant. read the rest here>>>

There are many many players in what's been going on over these recent decades as to schooling and as to public schools especially. But it seems that has been racing forward rapidly and the Koch bro's. have taken the lead in the funding, harnessing what might have been smaller groups of ideologues found all over and bringing them together as one very large group walking in lockstep while on the same page and ideology, of as our new capitalism has given them and others the ever growing great wealth to fund their views on the masses, in politics and much much more, in their needs to more power and much more wealth, which frankly is utterly crazy as were the similar ideologies of the past and some still around in many regions still including here.

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