Sunday, February 19, 2012

Homeless Veterans Could Get a Place to Live "IF!!"

There should be No "If's" "And's" or "But's" about it, especially as to the previous decade rhetoric of empty words of 'Support' with cheap symbols and flag waving while yelling USA, USA, USA....on who is the most Patriotic and especially coming from the lapel flag pin wearer's that call themselves the representative's of the people and are hired to do so!

Since my four years of service and last in Vietnam every time I've heard 'tax cuts' my first thought was the consistent underfunding of the Veterans Administration, it's also my first thought when the drums of war hit that first beat and grow louder as the greater majority walk lockstep with the many reasons given for sending our Military into invasions and, knowing it's coming, long occupations with what will follow as they return home.

Especially this past decade and counting of which the wealthy who reap directly or through their investments in the blood booty from our waging of wars and got huge tax cuts, while not investing in economic growth here as to their free market capitalism, and many are seeking even less of the percentages they should be paying then they are now as their wealth grows more outrageous while the rest pay through their labor.

It's much more then just about the homeless veterans and it covers every area of this country.

In the mean time actual caring people in small groups or non profits fight for donations so they can do something about what the whole country should have been doing all along and over these many decades, after they cheer on these wars of choice! And those cheering are calling out the rest who are not, especially us veterans who know what's coming for the decades after, as not as patriotic as them because we don't walk in lockstep with them nor the policies they fully support!

Federal funding could help homeless vets
Feb 16, 2012 - Homeless veterans in Southwest Florida could get a place to live if money projected in President Barack Obama's budget makes it to local non-profits.

The results of a new study will show soon exactly how many homeless veterans live in Lee County. We're told there is a need every night for beds for veterans who have nowhere to sleep.

James Ervin says he remembers walking the streets.

"That was a miserable existence," James Ervin said.

The Army veteran spent dozens of days and nights homeless.

"I slept in the front of my car for four months," Ervin said.

This situation isn't unusual - especially in the state of Florida.

"Florida has one of the highest rates for homeless veterans of the 50 states," said SWFAS Transitional Living Center Managing Director Rosemary Boisvert.

Boisvert works with homeless vets who have addictions at Southwest Florida Addiction Services. They have six beds for vets.

President Obama's proposed budget could help them add more. read more>>>

Women veterans getting lost in homeless count
February 16, 2012 - "Trying to start today is a bit late. They're here now. What do we do?" Gulf War Navy veteran and female veteran advocate Yvonne McJetters of Charlotte, North Carolina

They're bunking up with family and friends. They're sleeping on the streets. They're being turned down from shelters because of having too many children. Female veteran homelessness is skyrocketing.

While the overall count of U.S. veterans homeless on a single night decreased by 12% last year, the homeless women veterans have more than doubled from 2006 to 2010, according to a government report. read more>>>

Report Finds San Diego Ill Prepared For Large Influx Of Military Vets
February 16, 2012 - A new report predicts the homeless problem for military veterans in San Diego is likely to persist. It shows various federal, state and San Diego agencies spent $54 million dollars on the problem between 2009 and 2010. But the money has done little to provide affordable housing or jobs for homeless vets.

One out of four homeless people on the streets of San Diego is a military veteran. On any given night up to 2000 are either on the streets or living in a temporary shelter. Because of its strong military presence -- San Diego is also home to the largest veteran population in the country.

"There's still a lot more work to be done,"said Erik Bruvold. He's President of the National University System Institute for Policy Research in La Jolla. Bruvold said the federal governments goal of ending homelessness among vets by 2015 is likely to become harder. "Prior veterans have done better than their non-veteran counter parts, they have higher incomes, low unemployment rates and they participate at a greater rate in the labor force," he said.

But the study finds those who've served since 9/11, mostly twenty-something year olds, are suffering at far greater numbers. "So that's got to be of concern. Over the next decade about 16,000 post 9/11 veterans are expected to come to San Diego, Bruvold said. read more>>>

Report: Homeless Problem for Military Veterans in San Diego

And now they seek those quick one day events, parades, not the veterans of Iraq as I understand their message and wants but the citizens rallying behind them and using as a political wedge as to the presidency of the country which is not a dictatorship no matter how much they miss the previous one, or days of 'welcome home' flag waving guilt trips with no feelings of guilt, which is no 'Sacrifice' at all and no demands at given!

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