Monday, March 12, 2012

Afghan Shooting:

Hey {mac} McCain:
"I also understand that we should not forget that the attacks on the United States of America on 9/11 originated in Afghanistan and if Afghanistan dissolved into a situation where the Taliban were able to take over or a chaotic situation it could easily return to an al Qaeda base for attacks on the United States of America."

You boys were the ones that abandoned the main mission and reason why we sent soldiers into that region thus, brother 'Nam vet, turning it into the quagmire it is with no reason being, while enhancing the recruiting of retaliatory blowback! And because of that, and the still unresolved ghosts of 'Nam, those serving have been trying to get back to at least some of that mission and the promises this country made to the Afghans!

So please don't use 9/11 as your political speak point, you all abandoned that long ago!

U.S. Officials Seek To Contain Damage
03/11/12 - President Barack Obama and Defense Secretary Leon Panetta both called Afghan President Hamid Karzai to express their condolences after an American soldier in Afghanistan wandered off base and allegedly gunned down 16 villagers, and Panetta vowed to "bring those responsible to justice."

In a statement released Sunday by the White House, Obama said, "This incident is tragic and shocking, and does not represent the exceptional character of our military and the respect that the United States has for the people of Afghanistan."

Panetta said a full investigation was already under way. read more>>>

Officials Condemn Afghanistan Shooting, Offer Condolences

Statement by Secretary of Defense Leon E. Panetta on the Tragic Incident in Kandahar Province

Speeding up the withdrawal: That's going to happen, no other choice, with these recent really tragic incidents and this one Enhancing the targets now on All American soldiers, NATO troops and any NGO workers in theater you can bet the talk in the White House and Pentagon, as well as other Countries, the past couple of days is how to speed up the withdrawal! Those sent, the soldier not the officers, have been trying to get back to at least something of the main mission, abandoned long ago, and the promises this country made to the Afghan people, again, but knowing that's almost impossible in an occupation, so Obama as CiC has been leading according to those wants. Well this incident will have All the Countries looking at ways to move out much faster, we can Thank the previous admin, their congresses and frankly 70plus% of this country, especially the little freepers of the fox type, cheering on and finding no fault in invading Iraq and the added issues like torture, for what happened, but no one is off the hook, It All Happened 'In Our Names'!!

We will now leave that Country the way we found it and left it years ago, as to the promises after the Afghan/Soviet debacle, so pat yourselves on the back fellow citizens, ya all done well, NOT!!

U.S. Soldier Accused Of Killing 16 Afghan Villagers

As these updated reports come in, though I was starting to think same already, this doesn't sound like a soldier snapping from PTS, though that might be taken into concern with four tours, three in Iraq, this sounds like it was pretty much a planned action by him, and if the Afghans are right others possibly. In the dark of night, the first village was a quarter mile from the base the second a mile from there. He apparently covered the bodies and tried to burn them after the killings, then returns to the base and gives himself up. Whatever the reasons it had more to do then with any PTS trigger and not knowing what he was doing!

To clarify on the PTS, it is very possible that was a major issue in what changed a so far as reported a soldier not being a problem in serving up to this act. Especially if untreated or being treated but taking drugs for as has been reported these past years and being sent back into these theaters. But this had to have been building in him and should have been recognizable as doing so by his fellow soldiers especially and someone in command above his rank as well.

Shooting suspect from "most troubled" U.S. base
March 12, 2012 - A soldier suspected of killing 16 Afghan villagers Sunday comes from Joint Base Lewis-McChord, one of the largest military installations in the U.S. — and one that has seen its share of controversies and violence in the past few years. The base, home to about 100,000 military and civilian personnel, has suffered a spate of suicides among soldiers back from war. The Army is investigating whether doctors at Lewis-McChord's Madigan Army Medical Center were urged to consider the cost of providing benefits when reviewing diagnoses of post-traumatic stress disorder. Most famously, four Lewis-McChord soldiers were convicted in the deliberate thrill killings of three Afghan civilians in 2010. The military newspaper Stars and Stripes called it "the most troubled base in the military" that year. read more>>>

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