Saturday, March 10, 2012

A Big 'Win' for 'Occupy'

Sometimes taking on those who gain authoritative power and as they grasp that responsible power and irresponsibly overstep their boundaries into near dictating to the masses who hire them actually gets action quickly rather then just slowly changing the debates about issues.

This is a local story about just that and a lesson to kids everywhere, about Real grassroots organizing and peaceful, even fun, demonstrations, People Power taking on irresponsible adults. {notice nobody is packin loaded assault weapons, no storm trooper police with pepper spray or batons at the ready neither, but you don't them with the assault weapons patriots neither, as you'll see in the video}.

Fifth graders and parents "occupy" Davidson
DAVIDSON, N.C. -- March 9, 2012 -- Fifth graders from Davidson Elementary School alongside their parents staged a protest of sorts late Friday afternoon.

They were "occupying” the green lawn, also known as the green, on Main Street. They were protesting new rules about kids going to the green after school.

It is a tradition that has been going on for as long as most here can remember. Every Friday, fifth graders could leave after school and walk on their own to the green where they could play and have snacks.

Fifth grader Ally Fleming said, "It's kind of like you get the responsibility to come by yourself instead of coming with your parents."

But a letter sent home to parents from the school this week threatened to put a damper on the long tradition. read more>>>

Here's the local story from the Davidson News small town paper.

Hired Representatives of the People trying to 'parent' those that have no direct hired representation as they also seek to 'parent' the parents of same!

Thought this was a more then cute report as it shows just how the 'Occupy Movement' is now a part of the societies social meme's and reality, for all those thinking and saying that with the forceful authoritarian removal of those camping in city parks and on city lawns etc. 'Occupy' is dead and gone away, True Activism never dies, it evolves, especially in this technology age and the added tools that brings.

Will you see this report on the FOX or will bloated mouth empty head rush take it on next week, doubt it, how about on freeper boards, doubt that as well. But if any do report it, being a cute human interest story, I can hear the tie in's as to those "damn fifth grade liberal kids and the parents teaching them that damn socialism and not lock step walkin like we bring our kids up to do!", can't you.

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