Saturday, March 17, 2012

Wrong to Stigmitize All Soldiers and Veterans!!

Wars bring on the stresses and trauma's that come from fighting to be alert, as well as what is done, seen and known is going on in theater, 24/7 for the individual as well as those around each. PTS is just a result of, everyone sent changes, for many as it is for civilians who live through the trauma's in their personal lives. Few without proper help may snap and join their destructive nightmares, for most they may seek to bury the same nightmares in a verity of self destructive ways, others seek to help and reach out to each other, but to stigmatize all, especially related to those sent into our wars and long occupations of others, by the actions of the few who didn't seek or get proper help is not what a country that refuses it's own sacrifice should be doing so they can easily ignore their responsibility as to the results of our wars especially of choice!

Addressing war's traumas without stigmatizing veterans
16 March 2012 - Paul Rieckhoff, founder and Executive Director of the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, talks with Rachel Maddow

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