Saturday, March 17, 2012

9yrs.: When Did Iraq War Actually Start

This coming Monday, 19 March 2012, marks the ninth anniversary of the beginning of the Iraq war and occupation.

I've used the below a number of times, it comes from verbal and written testimony at the one major Inquiry into why and what went down as to the Iraq invasion and occupation by the Chilcot 'Iraq War Inquiry' held by the brits. This testimony came out on day nine of that Inquiry.

Drip, drip, drip, ""He recalled noting that: "the dog didn't bark - it grizzled." Don't forget - this 'grizzling' for regime change was 6 months BEFORE 9/11."". drip, drip, drip, ""But there was a 'sea change' in attitude after the atrocities, with former national security adviser Condoleezza Rice targeting Iraq on the very day of the outrage."", drip, drip, drip, ""George Bush tried to make a connection between Iraq and al-Qaida in a conversation with Tony Blair three days after the 9/11 attacks, according to Blair's foreign policy adviser of the time."", drip, drip, drip, ""There was "a touching belief [in Washington] that we shouldn't worry so much about the aftermath because it was all going to be sweetness and light"."", drip, drip, drip, ""Boyce mentions the "dysfunctionalism" of Washington. He says that he would find himself briefing his American counterparts on what was happening in different parts of the US adminstration. Rumsfeld was not sharing information"", drip, drip, drip...........!

There was so much coming out about the U.S. in the beginning days I started a blog site to archive much of that, as well as related to Afghanistan, and links to much more. The release of the final Chilcot report has already been delayed but is supposed to finally come out this summer which should bring much of this back into the light of day. You can visit this official site link of the Inquiry with all their links of testimony and more while we wait for the Official Final release. There still are reports coming of pieces of what went on during Iraq, again mostly from the Brits, but that has been happening in a trickle compared to the flood of the Inquiry, especially the earlier testimony as to what was going on here in the U.S., like above.

Iraq started well before 9/11 and then on 9/11 and in the weeks after, with quickly following the tepublican party congressional reps and the rest of that politics, especially but also much of the country as a whole, fell in lockstep behind that administration wants everyone related to war, and we hadn't yet invaded Afghanistan!

Then we abandoned that Main Mission and reason for even being in that region quickly, thus Afghanistan stopped being about anything related to 9/11, it became a stagnated quagmire as it still continues to be, with the first drum beat pointed at Iraq, along for the second time the promises to the Afghan people.

Why are soldiers still in Afghanistan, why isn't there a movement within the ranks, as we had with Vietnam, to get the hell out, because the greater majority of the soldiers still being sent, not the officers, are trying to get at least some of those promises accomplished and knowing with each extremely tragic incident like the recent killings of the civilians those wiped out any of the good done. The, DeJa-Vu all over again, More of the Lessons Not Learned By Vietnam, by country, But Trying To Still Leave Within Some Sort Of Real Accomplishment, but it's war!!

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