Thursday, May 10, 2012

Combat photographers visual record of America's wars

Capturing the human face of combat in pictures
May 9, 2012 - Combat photographers have been making a visual record of America's wars for as long as there's been photography. Among them are Mathew Brady, who led the way in documenting the Civil War; and William Perkins, Jr., who earned the Medal of Honor for his heroism in Vietnam. CBS News correspondent Bill Plante presents the work of the six-time Military Photographer of the Year who is continuing the tradition.

Air Force Master Sergeant Jeremy Lock knows what he's looking for when he aims his camera -- a human face, an act frozen in time, an image that tells a story.

"You look for the moment, that brief second," said Lock. "It almost makes the hair stand up on my arms when I see that great moment unfolding in front of the camera." read more>>>

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