Thursday, May 10, 2012

Military Veterans: The "Got Your Six" project

The Administration can only do so much, we who serve or served don't just serve groups within we serve the whole country, and actually since even before Barrack and Joe took the Oaths they already had been doing and that continues, now a new initiative is being launched, the rest is up to You and your Representatives, if they represent you, in Congress and the State Legislatures, they make the policy and You should be demanding the Sacrifice, long overdue!!

Alec Baldwin, Sarah Jessica Parker Enlisting in Michelle Obama's Campaign to Help Veterans
I've got your 6 would mean I'm covering your back, I'm on your 6 would mean I'm right behind you. It refers to directions as the hours on a clock. 12 would be forward, 3 would be right. 6 back and 9 left. It's also what a fighter pilot says to another to say they got your back, so the other fighter pilot knows he's safe when his friend says "I've got your six"

5/9/2012 - The "Got Your Six" project links studios, networks, guilds and others with dozens of non-profits in a bi-partisan campaign to help those who served in the U.S. military.

Tom Hanks, Alec Baldwin, Michael Douglas and Tracy Morgan are among the stars who will participate in public service announcements in support of the newly launched Got Your Six campaign, aimed at improving the image of America’s military veterans and helping them successfully reintegrate into civilian life.

This national effort kicks off Friday with the support of many of the major Hollywood studios, TV networks, talent guilds, talent agencies.

The idea was first formed during a meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative America and was inspired by First Lady Michelle Obama’s Joining Forces initiative. read more>>>

Got Your

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Don Blankenship said...

In military vernacular, the expression “Got Your Six” means I've got your back,for Veterans and Military Families, Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America,Get our monthly newsletter filled with program news, updates and much more.
Don Blankenship